It’s Time To Decide It’s
Your Turn: Our 100th Episode

Decide It’s Your Turn™ celebrates its 100th episode! Christina sits down with her husband to reflect back on her mission for the podcast, the pros and cons that come with being a podcast host and what she ultimately hopes listeners take away from each episode.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn™ episode, you will learn:

  • Christina’s vision for the future of Decide It’s Your Turn™
  • The mission behind the podcast
  • The pros and cons of hosting a podcast
  • Three qualities you should look for in an ideal client 
  • Christina’s number one piece of advice

Decide It’s Your Turn™ to Celebrate


Decide It’s Your Turn™ the podcast celebrates its 100th episode! 


It takes decision, faith and action to make your dreams a reality. The creation of this podcast is no exception to those rules. 


Christina reflects on her vision for the future when it comes to her personal and professional life.

Behind The Scenes 


The heart and mission of this podcast is ultimately to impact people’s lives and encourage them to finally decide it’s your turn to live your most purposeful life.


You have the ability to leave an impact and change someone’s life with your presence. 


Christina has found that the best part of hosting Decide It’s Your Turn™ has been connecting from so many different individuals and their stories. 


While the podcast has cultivated so much joy, it has also come with its own unique challenges. In wanting to provide value and inspiration, it can be difficult at times to know what listeners would like to hear.


You have everything within you to go after your dreams, as long as you decide to show up for yourself.

A Moment of Reflection


Christina shares her top 3 qualities that make an ideal client:

  1. Passion for what they do and want to help others
  2. People who take personal responsibility 
  3. Must have an “All-In” mentality 


In life and business, iit can be hard to balance trusting God, letting go of control and allowing things to work themselves out.


Christina’s number one piece of advice is to take action and decide it’s your turn to go after your dreams, and stop waiting. 

Show Notes for It’s Time To Decide It’s Your Turn:

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