Hypnotherapy for Self-Confidence

Are you ready to heal and become more confident? Today’s guest Beth Ann Davenport shares how you can break through old patterns with hypnotherapy for self-confidence that lasts a lifetime. Because all healing truly starts and ends with the mind.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The difference of Functional medicine
  • Where healing starts in the body
  • The three outcomes of hypnotherapy
  • How your beliefs shape your confidence

What is Functional Medicine

While traditional pharnosutical medicine can alleviate symptoms, it often does not get to the root causes of a diagnosis. This is where Functional medicine steps in to find the why behind these symptoms someone may be suffering from.

When working with clients through the Functional medicine approach, Beth Ann discovered the power of hypnotherapy in her clients healing processes.

Starting With The Mind


The mind is the most powerful place to start when it comes to healing. Once you’re able to get your mindset right, the inner healing can then truly begin.


Beth Ann explains that in order to “thrive” you must have a lightness and a peace within your mind that allows you to have true freedom in your life and health. Once you believe that you deserve your dream life, you can then create it.

The Road To Hypnotherapy


There came a time in Beth Ann’s life when she knew it was time for her to resolve and heal aspects of her life. This prompted her to sign up for a free hypnotherapy session that sparked a breakthrough for her instantly.


There are three ways individuals experience change with hypnotherapy:

  1. Instant – You bust a myth you’ve believed in your life and have real-time change
  2. Gradual – You experience day-by-day mindset shifts
  3. Retroactive – Time passes before you’ve reflected on the changes you’ve made

You Are Beyond Your Beliefs


The type of hynotherapy that Beth Ann focuses on is Rapid Transformaitonal Therapy. This form of therapy works with a client in their alpha brain waves (where universal beliefs are formed and stay with you).


A example of a belief that could be developed for someone is that they are “forgetable”, and this belief causes them to seek out this belief externally in their lives. This could cause a need for external validation and praise. Anytime we are experiencing this external need, we are forgetting the truth that lives within us.


Beth Ann works with clients to overcome these beliefs/habits so that they can achieve their goals through hypnotherapy for self-confidence that will last.

Through changing your thinking patterns through hypnotherapy you learn that it is important to gain self-compassion, break cycles and finally choose the thoughts you allow in.

Rinse and Repeat


Our brains learn best through repetition. As you continue to hone in on your thought patterns and re-wire them you’re able to make transformations you didn’t realize were possible.


Once you begin to make changes, you then get into a rhythm of wanting to improve all parts of your mind.

About Beth Ann Davenport:

Beth Ann is a pharmacist turned functional medicine wellness coach, meditation teacher, and certified hypnotherapist. She is also founder of Prescription Wellness, an integrative wellness company with a one-of-a-kind functional medicine + neuroscience + faith approach to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Beth Ann and Prescription Wellness co-founder, Candice Carricarte, serve brilliant, successful women who are overwhelmed by wellness information overload, curating the most high-impact wellness tools into digital courses, group programs, and personalized coaching. Beth Ann is also a wife, mom of three, and semi-minimalist.

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