Why Hustle Culture is Toxic for Success with Jordan Lee Dooley

You’ve probably heard the rhetoric that successful people work less and hustle more. But is there truth to those statements? In this episode, Jordan Lee Dooley joins Christina to talk about why hustle culture is toxic. Jordan has first-hand experience slowing down, finding more clarity, while continuing to grow and scale a successful business. 

Contrary to popular belief, hustling doesn’t necessarily lead to success. In fact, it might be the reason why you feel like a failure or why you’re constantly feeling burnt out. Hustle culture is also fueled by this subtle lie that “if you achieve XYZ, you’ll be happy” but the reality is that the milestone oftentimes comes and goes without a second thought. And before you know it, you’re already pushing to achieve the next big thing.

To stop this self-inflicted problem, you should get clear on your values and what you truly want to be doing at your core. Once you know that, you can take strategic steps to achieve your goals without needing to hustle.

Hustle culture is toxic. There are definitely seasons of life that require us to hustle, but once that season is over we need to take a step back and reconsider the impact hustling is having on our lives, relationships and businesses. Hear more about Jordan’s experience with hustle culture and her tips to living a happier life on today’s podcast episode.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How a personal crisis changed Jordan’s mindset on success
  • How to get clear on what you want in life
  • What you care about translates in your values
  • Why you should create life goals in a shorter time frame

It’s not all about the grind


Success isn’t defined by luxury vehicles or these things that are kind of pointless. It’s defined by whether or not you are doing things that you value in life. You’ll want to find alignment with what you value and your goals, your professional ambitions, your dreams, etc. If you’re not in alignment, you’re going to burn yourself out.

What would you tell someone who doesn’t even know what they want?


The other thing is it’s helpful to think through a 3 to 5-year vision. Consider your rock bottom. If you’re not currently in that position, consider a time where you have been in that position, and think about what you cared about then. Start thinking through what you value and what that would look like if you were to play it out in two years, three years, four years from now because then you can start putting pen to paper in that regard.


Look at your current plate. Look at everything you’ve committed yourself to and think about what supports that vision and what distracts from it.

What will other people think


Sometimes when you start to think through what matters, you may have to let go of some visions that you thought you had along the way. Sometimes it’s not as clear to you because you wonder if you’re going to regret it. And sometimes, you feel like you’re letting go of a good thing and pursuing the more significant thing, which doesn’t always feel very easy in the moment.


The fear of what other people will think or say is there. But Jordan also thinks, even more, what if she let this go? It sounds like it would be less stressful. It’s truly a leap of faith to release something or to take a break from it or take a pause.


When you are a visionary, creative, you have talent, or you have an experience that you want to share with the world, if you’re a go-getter and an overachiever, most successful people tend to go “Oh, well I can take on that project.” And sometimes they do and they start layering on top of each other which causes a ripple effect of needing to hustle. Hustling for the sake of hustling is toxic.


It’s really important to learn the art of contentment. Not complacency, not comfort but contentment, and saying this is enough. Often enough, we’re told more and more, and we never asked why to our goals.


The art of defining enough and seeking contentment in a world that’s constantly telling you not to be content is such a superpower. It is an act of resistance to that constant pressure.


If you’re constantly chasing the next finish line, you’re never going to feel like you’ve crossed any of them because it’s just going to keep moving. That’s why gratitude is so important. You have to be grateful for what you have right now because the hardest of the days it’s the smallest of the things that matter so much.

Pause and take a break


Pivoting or taking a break may seem like this feels a step backward. This feels counterproductive. This feels I’m not just putting my foot on the gas and going to the next level. But that’s where you give God room to work. And there’s something powerful that happens when you can act with intention and not just a distraction or a half-hearted effort.

Is there one decision in your life that you made that you were afraid to make, but once you finally made it, It ended up better than you could have ever imagined? Or if not, was there a lesson in it?


One was closing down her first business the year after she hit seven figures for the first time. Also, selling their house because then Jordan’s brain was like, this is where they’re going to start their family, this is going to be XYZ, it’s going to look like this. And so releasing good things; a home, a business, things on paper are good in most cases but may not be the right things.


In some of those big decisions, Jordan learned that just because it’s a good thing doesn’t mean that it has to be the right thing for you right now. It might be right for your friend, it might be right for your neighbor, may not be what’s right for you or your family right now. And that’s okay.

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