How To Humanize Your Brand and Build Connection

Christina’s friend and a returning guest, Cat Golden, is back on the Decide It’s Your Turn® podcast. In this episode, Cat shares her latest business venture and how she’s using her expertise to teach you how to humanize your brand and build connections along the way.

    Simplifying to Move Forward


    Cat Golden is back on the Decide It’s Your Turn Podcast with Christina to talk about her new endeavor. 


    As Cat’s passion for marketing has grown with launching her first business Nurses Inspire Nurses five years ago, new ideas have started to sprout on where she can take her talents and capabilities. 


    Oftentimes, it takes downsizing and simplifying your life around you in order to move towards a new and exciting adventure. 

    Trust Your Instincts


    In order to flourish and find the right path for yourself, you have to first and foremost trust your instincts. 


    It can be difficult to speak your truth and go for the path less traveled, but in the long run you will be glad you trusted yourself. 


    When you love what you do for work, many people will not understand because they associate unhappiness with work. 


    In Cat’s new transition for her brand, she’s bringing her branding expertise to help companies start to humanize their brand and foster more connections with their audiences. 

    How to Humanize Your Brand


    One way to start humanizing your brand is to create tailored messaging for your different client types. Just like we don’t talk to every person we know the same, speaking to clients is no different.


    By customizing your messaging, you allow your consumers to connect with your brand on a deeper level.


    Another tactic on how to humanize your brand is by picking an inanimate object within your business and give it a personality and name. 


    When you add this element into your business, you allow your clientele to see your personality and join in on the fun. 


    Show up as you are and you will fast-track your way to humanizing your business, building connections, and making a profit doing what you love.

      About Cat Golden:

      Nurse, entrepreneur, connector, and the ultimate hype girl. Cat is obsessed with bringing an idea to life, humanizing brands, and in-person connection.

      After building Nurses Inspire Nurses for the last five years and working with so many brand partners, Cat saw a huge gap in the market when it comes to human connection. This realization there was a gap between brands and their customers, and human connection was the missing link. Cat has a unique gift of seeing through the eyes of the customer. This allows her to come up with endless ideas and make sales simple.


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