How to Stop Settling for Average and Elevate Your Life

Join Christina with her dear friend and client Brittany Anderson for an empowering conversation about taking risks, finding clarity, and learning how to stop settling for average.

Not only is this episode jam-packed with relatable topics, but both ladies announce their upcoming partnership event, “Anything But Average,” taking place on September 13th in Vancouver, Canada. This intimate, in-person event is designed for women seeking growth and connection, focusing on breaking away from the mundane and embracing a life that’s anything but average.

Whether you’re at a crossroads in life, looking for community, or ready to elevate both your personal and professional life, this event is for you.

September 13th in Vancouver, Canada
For one day only to network and connect with other extraordinary women just like you who are redefining what it means to prioritise yourself and become the next best version of you.



    About Brittany Anderson:

    Brittany, also known as Britt, mom, mommy, bruh, and Queen, resides in Vancouver with her husband and three amazing kids (tweens and teens, hence the nicknames bruh and Queen). Together for nearly two decades, they share a passion for traveling and exploring new destinations. Brittany is a self-proclaimed endurance sport junkie who loves pushing herself beyond comfort zones to discover her full potential.

    In coaching groups, masterminds, and one-on-one clients, Brittany helps alleviate overwhelm by clarifying personal goals and values and creating attainable action steps to ensure success. Her coaching is driven by passion, motivation, connecting with new people, and witnessing their achievements. She looks forward to connecting and working with new clients!

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    Show Notes for How to Stop Settling for Average and Elevate Your Life:

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