How To Stick with Your Resolutions

Happy New Year from the Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast! In today’s episode, Christina walks you through step by step how to maintain and stick to your resolutions this year.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn® episode, you will learn:

  • Why you need to be specific about your goals
  • The power of accountability 
  • Setting yourself up for success with systems and strategies
  • The top 6 ways to help you stick with your resolutions this year

New Year, New Resolutions 


Every new year we all are inspired to start fresh, create new resolutions for ourselves, and turn the page to a clean slate.


People often pick what they “should” do as their resolutions, rather than what they actually want to do.


Start a resolution with one specific thing you’d wish to accomplish. It will alleviate overwhelm and be more sustainable into the new year.


On Your Own Terms


Your resolution must be something you have decided to do for yourself and not someone else. 


Sticking to your resolutions is about doing it on your own terms and in a way that is in alignment with you.


How To Stick with Your Resolutions


Give yourself space, a new year’s resolution doesn’t have to start on January 1st. A resolution can start whenever you want. 


Accountability matters. When you have someone or something holding you accountable you’re way more likely to fulfill your goals. 


Have a system and a strategy of how to stay accountable to your goals. You can do this by creating new habits, a routine or rules that you live your day to day by. 


You have to be grateful for where you’re currently at in order to be grateful for where you’re going in the future. 

In summary, here are the top 6 steps to help you stick with your resolutions:

  1. Figure out what you actually want
  2. Have a system and strategy for accountability 
  3. Invest in yourself and pay attention to who is investing in you
  4. Create systems and strategies 
  5. Make small changes at a time
  6. Be grateful for where you’re at and where you’re going 

Show Notes for How To Stick with Your Resolutions:

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