How To Start Paving Your Own Path

Fellow podcaster and friend, Jessica Burgio joins Christina in a conversation about how you can start paving your own path in life and leaning into what you’re truly passionate about.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Defining who we are to others
  • How to flip the script on our own life
  • The power of podcasting
  • How to finally start paving your own path

Who We Are

It’s natural to compare yourself to others that are within your same industry, but it’s often just a reminder of what is possible. 

It can be difficult to define “who we are”, because within each of us is a multitude of personas and abilities that make it hard to describe precisely what and who we are in this world. 

When presented with the opportunity to learn something new and grow who you are, you have two choices: You can take this new knowledge and run with it, or you can stay stuck. 


If you don’t have clarity on what you want in life, you will most likely lack the confidence to go out there and make it happen. 

Flip The Script

Jessica is on a mission to get people to realize the thing in their lives that lights them up, and to tune out the noise of what everyone else wants.

Since leaning into her love for podcasting, Jessica has ignited a passion she would have never known was there if she didn’t at least try it out. 

You get to flip the script in your life if something isn’t working out, and shift directions towards what you love. 

You get to decide what lights you up. All you need to do is give yourself the permission to follow your own path.

Power of Podcasting

The amazing thing about the podcast industry is that it’s for everyone!

Podcasting can feel overwhelming, but you just need the simple resources to get the ball rolling.

Once you provide value and inspiration to those who trust you, you will build a supportive and dedicated listening community.

The power in providing your audience with a podcast is allowing them into your world and expertise for free.

How To Pave Your Own Path

Paving your own path to finding your purpose not only requires you to be clear with what you want, but you also may need to leave relationships and spaces that no longer align with your desires.

You have to take accountability and make changes to create space for you to connect with yourself.

Don’t compare your transition to others. Every transition has its own timeline and pace.

About Jessica Burgio:

Former salon owner and hair and makeup artist of 22 years-Jess Burgio is now the creator of “START YOUR DAMN PODCAST COURSE” -host of UNSCRIPTED the podcast, co-host of the Fast Foundations podcast, author, educator, mother and speaker helping creatives connect their voice to their brand so they can stand out online. Jess’s podcast course helps your go from idea to launch. She is extremely passionate about helping you amplify your voice through podcasting!

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