How To Show Up Confident on Camera

Former casting director turned content coach, Dana Bowling joins The Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast to share how you can start showing up confident on camera, and putting yourself out there to start living your dream life.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Dana’s journey from successful casting director to content coach
  • How to tune into your real purpose
  • The important key to starting a business
  • How to show up confident on camera

There Is More


After years being a casting director, Dana reached a point in her career where she was no longer fulfilled and this realization launched her into a journey to finding her true purpose. 


Somewhere deep within each of us is a “knowing” of what we’re meant to be doing with our lives, but oftentimes we just haven’t figured it out yet. 


If you have a feeling that there is more out there in life for you, it’s because there is

Just Start


When it comes to building a career for yourself, take what you know really well, and just start! 


You can’t just make a decision, you have to follow it up with action. 


The magic of entrepreneurship is figuring it out as you go, and starting before everything is perfect. 


Everything will begin to align if you are willing to show up every day and do the hard work.

Showing Up Confident


Gradual exposure to what makes you uncomfortable will help you develop confidence over time. 


Tips to showing up confident on camera:

  1. Gradual exposure over time
  2. Get ready or put on an outfit you feel good in
  3. Change the settings on your camera to ‘Mirrored’
  4. Start by posting videos on your Instagram story
  5. Try your best to remove judgment for yourself


No one is looking at us with the microscope that we think that they are. 

About Dana Bowling:

Dana Bowling is a former award-winning casting director turned brand strategist and video coach. She helps small business owners and entrepreneurs get comfortable and confident on camera to create video content that increases visibility, all while having FUN. Dana lives in Los Angeles with her husband, a Director of Photography and her two sons. She also hosts two podcasts, SHOW UP ON VIDEO and DAILY DOSE OF DANA.

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