How To Monetize Your Creativity

In this episode, Katrina Cobb, a digital nomad and entrepreneur, joins Christina to talk about how to monetize your creativity. She emphasizes the significance of aligning personal values with work, setting intentions, and making decisive moves in business, while offering insights into the monetization of creative work, tackling imposter syndrome, and valuing the learning process inherent in the entrepreneurial path.

    The Catalyst for Action


    Meet Katrina Cobb, a digital nomad, coach, and entrepreneur who is dedicated to transforming the business landscape. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs reclaim their time and conduct business on their own terms. 


    If the restrictions of a corporate job don’t resonate with your values, it may be the right moment to consider a change.


    Once you determine your desires and release them into the universe, amazing things start to unfold.


    Decisions are the catalyst for action. 


    When starting a new business venture, don’t get sucked into the noise of the online space and stick to business fundamentals. 


    We now have access to all of the tools to sell any product or offer any service we desire. 

    How To Monetize Your Creativity



    1. Find a space or platform where you can be visible to your ideal client, and share your works and creativity. 
    2. Pay attention that you don’t undersell yourself 



    Many creatives have trouble pricing their services or art. But like any service the time you put into your craft should be compensated accordingly.


    There is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a creative endevor, and it’s important to take this in to account when you price your work. 


    None of us are immune to imposter syndrome, but we can all work on our mindset when it comes to our confidence and self-worth. 


    You don’t have to know everything, it’s the learning along the journey that is the invaluable experience. 

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