How to Get Out of a Bad Day

Episode Overview:

Have you ever had a bad day and weren’t sure how to get yourself out of it? Or maybe you were so deep into your bad day that you were spiraling out of control? I hear you and I can 100% relate.

Bad days are inevitable. It happens to every single person on planet earth. The key is knowing how to get out of a bad day so it doesn’t turn into a bad couple of days, or a full week, or a month. In this episode, I share the 8 simple steps I use to get myself out of a bad day, shift my mindset, and ensure I never get stuck in a rut.

  1. Move Your Body. Take a walk, go to the gym, attend a yoga class, or do some jumping jacks to help stir up some endorphins and dopamine.
  2. Pray. Give your worries to God. Ask someone to pray for you.
  3. Seek inspiration and/or uplifting messages. Turn on a podcast, read a book, listen to music…do something that will help shift your mindset.
  4. Use affirmations and gratitude. Lift yourself up by repeating self-affirming phrases and finding the good in life.
  5. Trust that everything is happening for you – not to you. Trust yourself. Trust God. Trust the Universe.
  6. Confide in a Coach, Mentor or Friend. Talking about your bad day can help you process your emotions and gain an additional perspective.
  7. Focus on the things you can control. A lot of the stuff we worry about is beyond our control or it’s a made up story in our head. Make sure your issues are “real”.
  8. Lean into your emotions. Let yourself feel mad or sad or whatever it is that you are feeling. Embrace it!

On the other side of a bad day is a blessed life. You can decide to change your vibe and get out of a bad day so you can live a life you love. Tune into this episode to pick up valuable life skills that you can use time and time again.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Bad days happen to everyone
  • How to channel what you’re grateful for in the midst of frustration
  • It’s worth taking the steps you know will change your vibration/mood
  • That things in your life are happening for you, rather than against you
  • To control your thoughts
  • Key ways to identify your triggers

Show Notes:

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