How to Feel Confident in Your Clothes with Katie Allen

Did you know that your clothing can be a source of comfort, confidence, and empowerment? When you walk into a room wearing clothes that fit your personal style and reflect your personality, you’ll immediately feel more confident. This is because the clothes make you feel like YOU. In today’s episode, Style Expert Katie Allen joins us to discuss how to feel confident in your clothes by picking pieces that help you feel your best.

Katie has been helping women start each day with confidence & clarity right from their closet. She uses her exclusive “Feelings-First” Styling Methodology to connect women back to themselves, their bodies, and even their cycles. Changing the way we dress can make us feel more confident, sexy, beautiful or badass. Owning your style helps you take control of your image and how others see you. If you love bright colors or love repping your favorite sports team, go for it! Your clothes should enhance who you are and how you feel about yourself—not change who you are.

Tune in to this episode to discover the next-level version of yourself that starts in your closet!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How to identify style trends you like
  • Your body shape and patterns
  • Your cycle and how it affects your fashion
  • How Katie helps you to find a wardrobe tailored to you

Knowing Your Style


One of the easiest places to start knowing your style is inside yourself. It’s not really about honing in on just a style. But, identifying the things you can adorn your body with that embody those feelings on the inside and outside.


If you like it and you feel comfortable in it, confidence automatically follows. If you feel confident, you can now go into its visual balance, like tapping into your body shape. The reason the hourglass figure was so popular is its symmetry. But when things are symmetric, our brain can rest and focus on the different things in our environment because it constantly looks for patterns.

Going with the Trend


The piece that we just have to remember is not really about following trends. But this is how retailers make their money. We have to be conscious of when we’re seeing trends shift and change. It’s just harder to get our hands on them.

Love for Styling


During the pandemic, Katie lost her corporate job. She then started paying attention to her cycle and leaned heavily into that. When she had a freakout moment, she began to question her life. As she started working on her clients and creating a business around styling, she realized that it was helping her. She began to have a liking for helping others with self-care and styling.

Be the Best Version of You


It’s super helpful to not save everything for a special occasion. Every moment is a special occasion because some people don’t have the opportunity that you have. When we’re dressed up, we come across as our best selves. Confidence, success, and living in your purpose, and doing things you can do better when you see that you look amazing. You’re not comparing yourself to anyone else. It’s just your best version of yourself.

Balancing Work and Life


Katie identified herself as an action taker. In her career, taking action is what got her to where she is. But that is also what got her into the burnout zone. Manifesting helps her balance that in a way that she has never felt balanced. She realized that she was allowed to hustle and take action and was also allowed to rest.

Confidence and Passion


Confidence is the willingness to show up. Katie had the confidence in herself to show up in a mastermind without actually having a business. She had enough confidence to build her business and got out of her comfort zone.


Once you get into what you love and what you are passionate about, everything shows up in a completely different way. When you’re obsessed with something like that, you don’t realize how much you know because it is innate.

Your Own Style


Everyone’s style is entirely different. It is a matter of figuring out who you are and what you are attracted to. Figure out what is going to make you show up and be the best person. Remember what your intention is and surround yourself with amazing people

About Katie Allen:

Katie is a 90’s hip-hop-loving, lipstick-obsessed personal stylist who teaches women how to master their mood & energy through style.

Katie’s mission is to help women put on their power and start each day with confidence & clarity right from their closet. She uses her exclusive “Feelings-First” Styling Methodology to connect women back to themselves, their bodies, and even their cycles (yes, you can sync your style to your cycle) through unlocking their personal style.

She believes that our clothes provide an opportunity to choose a feeling and manifest whatever we want- whether that’s more fun, more connection, or more abundance.

Connect with Katie:
Instagram: @katieallenstylist

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