How To Fast Track Success

Christina is joined by Andy Neary to share how to fast track success and reach your next level of potential. It’s time to bring your specific expertise, talents and strategies to the world and get out of your comfort zone.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The marketing approach that changed everything for Andy
  • How to fast track growth
  • The 3 fears holding you back
  • Successful vs mediocre mindset
  • Why self-trust is your most valuable asset

Changing The Game


Working for insurance agencies for many years, Andy realized the needs for great marketing and was determined to bring his strategies to the table. Everything changed when he went outside the industry and found powerful strategies to change the insurance industry.


Most people view success as a secret skillset. This could not be further from the truth. Everyone has the capability to become successful.

Fastest Way To Grow


The quickest way to growth, is to have as many people get to know you, and fast!


Working through your imposter syndrome will allow you to get out of your own way and finally start scaling your business. Remembering what your specific gift is, is the only reason you need to get started.


Remaining consistent, even when no one is watching, is your secret weapon to fast track success!


The 3 fears holding individuals back from their consistency:

  1. Fear of judgment
  2. Fear of comparison
  3. Fear of failure

Time To Level Up


The difference between successful people vs mediocre is that a successful individual doesn’t wait until they have a problem with something, rather they are constantly seeking guidance and coaching to get even better.


The prime time to seek help is when you’re in a great spot, but you’re looking to go to that next level and start achieving even higher goals.

Vulnerability in Marketing


A simple yet powerful way to connect with your audience is to be vulnerable and show that you don’t know every single thing, but that you’re constantly learning.


Being relatable and not too far out of reach will help you grow and scale your audience, while also benefiting your business.

Self Trust


Many don’t trust themselves that they can create the results they want or invest where they need to. Until you learn how to trust yourself, you will never be able to dive into your success.

About Andy Neary:

Andy is a former professional baseball player turned insurance adviser and business coach.

As an undersized pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers organization, Andy saw, first-hand, what it took to excel at the sport’s highest level. Lacking the ideal measurements for a pitcher, Andy leveraged an unshakeable work ethic and a set of consistent daily habits to become a professional athlete.

Today, Andy utilizes the lessons he learned on the mound to help insurance advisers build the mindset, skills and habits needed for success.

He routinely advises insurance advisers and agencies on marketing and branding strategy and is a sought-after keynote speaker for events and podcasts dedicated to helping young professionals reach their potential.

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