How to Deal with Overwhelm

Episode 38 – How to Deal with Overwhelm

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Between your career, family responsibilities, and personal needs, it’s easy to become stressed out and overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks. In this episode, I discuss 12 simple strategies to reduce your stress and deal with your overwhelm.

When did life get so overwhelming? That is the question of the hour! I’ve been helping clients overcome their feelings of overwhelm for years! Listen to today’s episode to learn the tips I use myself and what I teach my clients to help them learn how to deal with overwhelm and get back to being a rockstar in no time.

In this episode, you will learn how to deal with overwhelm with 12 simple strategies:

1. Get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

Before you start your day, brain dump all of the things that are on your “to-do” list onto a piece of paper or into a journal. This will help you visualize all of your tasks at once and help you prioritize what needs to get done today. Oftentimes we get so bogged down with a number of small, meaningless tasks that we can either cruise through in an hour or defer to another day.

2. Stop multitasking!

We live in a society that prides itself on multitasking, but it actually doesn’t work! When you multitask you’re not getting multiple things done and saving time. Instead, you’re usually just extending the amount of time it takes to do one thing. So, I encourage you to pick one thing from your list to accomplish at a time. Once you are done with that one thing, move onto the next. Also, check out the book The One Thing for further reading.

3. Acknowledge that you’re feeling overwhelmed

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. It’s also okay to tell yourself and others that you are overwhelmed. By acknowledging your feelings, it allows you to understand and recognize the symptoms of overwhelm that you experience. This will help you recognize when you’re starting to become overwhelmed in the future so you can stop it before it becomes too heavy.

4. Give yourself some grace.

We live in a high-operating society, but that doesn’t mean you have to be go-go-go all of the time. Sit down and allow yourself time to process the tasks that need to be done today and let go of the others.

5. Don’t get stuck.

Don’t allow yourself to be paralyzed by your overwhelm. If your overwhelm feels too big and heavy, it becomes hard to move forward. Dealing with overwhelm is no different than dealing with a large project. You have to chip away at it one task/issue at a time. Even when you are feeling overwhelmed and you don’t have any idea how all these things are going to work out, you have to move forward. So, do one little thing at a time.

6. Find support.

Everyone deals with overwhelm. Find other people that can help support you, hold you accountable, and cheer you on. If you don’t have those people in your life, consider joining a women’s mastermind or find a network of like minded people.

7. Outsource or delegate.

More often than not, people don’t feel like they can delegate and they want to do everything themselves. Failing to delegate keeps you stuck and it prevents you from growing and evolving. Asking for help is not a negative thing. LET IT GO! Allow people to help you. Don’t do it all yourself. Build a team that can help you.

8. Hire a coach or mentor.

You shouldn’t try to navigate life’s challenges alone. By hiring a coach or mentor, you’ll have a resource that’s ready to help you problem-solve. A coach or mentor can act as a sounding board, help you see more clearly, and guide you through your overwhelm. Also, they’ve typically been there, done that, so they’ll have the best advice to help you along the way.

9. Move your body.

I don’t need to preach to you about how important it is to move your body! I’m not even talking about exercising, but literally just moving your body. Take a walk around your house or outside. Run up and down the stairs between calls. Do squats while you’re getting water. Whatever it takes, move your body! By changing your physical state, you’ll stop focusing on the issues at hand and will be able to come back with a clear head and new perspective.

10. Reframe your overwhelm.

Find the good in your overwhelm. Focus on how you’re going to feel when you accomplish the tasks at hand. Focus on how it’s going to move the needle for you and push you forward in your life. Express gratitude!

11. Breathe.

We have a tendency to hold our breath and not breathe deeply when we get stressed or overwhelmed. Add breathwork techniques such as breathing in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds throughout your day. It’s calming to your parasympathetic nervous system which helps you control your overwhelm.

12. Let go and let God.

Ask yourself: “What is my job and what is God’s job?” Then, let go of what is not within your control and leave it to God to do the rest.

While we may all feel overwhelmed from time to time in our careers or personal lives, using the above strategies should help you move through the overwhelm a little bit easier. Remember: Life is to be enjoyed and to not be stressed out about. Don’t get caught up in it. Nothing needs to be perfect.

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