How to Create the Life of Your Dreams

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Do you know that it IS POSSIBLE to create the life and business of your dreams? Are your thoughts defeating you before you ever give yourself a chance to prove them wrong? In this episode, Christina provides some honest words on how to overcome these mental barriers and create the life and business that you desire.

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Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn: Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully live in their purpose, confidently and successfully! 

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Hey, y’all! Welcome back to the Decide It’s Your Turn podcast! Today it is just me! A solo episode! And the topic today came directly from you.

I had asked a few weeks ago on my Instagram account, @BeChristina, what is the number one thing holding you back from creating the life or the business in which you desire?

And I thought it was such an amazing question. And obviously y’all did too, because I had SO MANY replies. So today I want to go through almost every one of the replies, because I think so often we think that something that is holding us back is the thing that’s holding us back. But I actually believe most of the time it is not true.

I think most of the time we believe that’s the thing that’s holding us back. But in actual fact, it’s something completely different. So obviously these are my opinions. These are your replies and my opinion to your reply, but I really want to dive into them because everyone who responded, I mean, my gosh, I probably had 50 responses and I’m obviously not going to go through every one of the 50 replies, which is super funny because so many of them were exactly the same.

But I talk about this when someone jumps on a discovery call with me. I talk so often about that thing that they say that is holding them back is truthfully not the actual thing. We think it’s the thing, but it’s really not the thing. And so I really want to kind of dive into some of these, and there’s a couple of replies, to be honest with you that I actually believe are probably true.

And I’ll dive in those as well. So I hope you find today’s episode super interesting, because I know I did when I got these replies. So let’s dive in. Again, the question was, what is the thing that is holding you back from creating a life or business of your dreams.

So this was number one.

I got it so many times, back and forth, on all of the replies was the belief that it is possible. So, so many people said the thing that is holding them back is the belief that it is possible.

So as you know, the reason why you’re here, this podcast is called Decide It’s Your Turn. And for me, there has been no other word besides maybe faith and action, you guys know what comes after the word decide is the POWER of the word decide.

Deciding that it is your turn to have that dream life, to have that business. But the thing that is holding you back is the belief, right? So many people, the belief that it’s possible, the belief that I can do it, the belief that why me, that’s something that I get all the time, right?

Why me? Why me over so many other people? Why me over the person who has all of the opportunities and all of the resources to make certain things happen? Because you decide. You decide it is you.

I make every one of my clients who join either my mastermind programs or my one-on-one programs, I make them sign a contract, especially in my masterminds that say, “From this moment on, I have made the decision. I have made the decision that this is the best decision I could possibly make. And I am going to show up and act from that decision.”

I think it’s very similar to the belief, you guys. So how can you believe that you can have the life and business that is possible, that you want, the dream business, the dream life?

Because you decide it. And the minute you decide it and start taking action from that place, how does the highest version of the person who wants a successful business and a fabulous life act? The minute you put in the decision and you start taking the action, the belief follows. It’s very rare that you’re going to wake up one morning and be like, “Yep. I believe it’s all possible.”

What happens most often is you start taking the small steps. You start taking action. You start telling yourself every single day, “I have decided that I will have a successful business. I have decided that my life is going to be beautiful. I have decided that my relationships are going to be amazing.”

And the minute you start acting from that, the belief follows because when you take those small steps, they’re starting to be proof that it is possible. The minute you say, “Okay, I’m starting the business.”

And then you take action to create the business plan and then create the social media and start posting every day and start reaching out to potential clients or not even an online business, anything! Whatever it is, if you are wanting to start a brick and mortar business, you go and find the retail space, then you contact the loan officer. Then you figure out the business plan. Then you start hiring people.

What’s going to happen is you’ve made the decision and the belief is following. So I think that that’s a big one – how to actually gain the belief is to start taking action.

And that all comes from making a decision that no matter what it’s going to work.

Okay. Here’s another one that was really, really big when asking the question, the thing I need most to create the life and business of my dreams is the long game. I loved it. Never quitting. So I love that you guys are listening.

Obviously you’re paying attention! The long game is such a big deal. When someone says, “I am willing to believe that no matter what I am never going to fail, I am always going to get whatever it is that I want because I am going to play the long game. I’m going to never quit. I’m going to literally believe that everything that is happening is happening for me to create the life and business of my dreams.”

Believing that even if it doesn’t show up as you expect. It will absolutely, no question, work out because, again, you’ve made the decision that it will.

And the long game, right? When you play the long game, when you know that if you keep going no matter what, you will never fail, well, that’s not true.

You will fail, but you will never give up. That I think is a really big deal. I had Jamie Johnson on the podcast. If you guys haven’t listened to that episode, it was really, really fantastic and something that he said that has resonated with so many people, he said, you know, whether it’s the music industry, a fight, whatever it is, the last person to quit wins.

And that is an absolute a hundred percent God’s honest truth, right? You will win if you don’t quit. You will win if you don’t lay down.

And that’s the same thing with the long game. So to have the life and to have the business of your dreams, you HAVE to play the long game.

You have to know that there’s going to be some failures. There’s going to be some road bumps. There’s going to be hard days, but if you remember that you’re playing the long game, 100%, you can create the life and business that you absolutely literally dream of. I promise you, this is true.

I have done it over and over. So many of my clients have done it over and over. Creating a life every single day by taking the action, by having the, and this is the next one.

So many people said the thing they need most to create the life and business of their dreams is the courage to do so.

Y’all, the courage is the willingness. I say it all the time. Confidence is built by the willingness to show up. By the willingness to keep going. And that takes courage. You’re never going to get what you want if you don’t have the courage to stand up and say, you know what, I’m going to take one small step today. Let’s say you’re afraid to put your face on social media. What small step can you take every single day to keep gaining enough confidence in yourself that one day you’re going to step outside the box and put the camera on yourself and show your face?

And I use this example because so many people, this is something that’s holding them back. They want to have a successful business. They want to inspire other people. They want to use their purpose for good in the world, to share this with other people.

And they just don’t feel like they can do it. And I promise you that is a legitimate fear. I don’t personally have that fear because I have been deciding and playing the long game. When I first started you guys, I literally was nervous too. I would look at the videos. I would literally go, “Oh gosh, I have to rerecord that. I have to delete that. I really shouldn’t share that. Did I really say that? How can I word that differently?” All of the things. And you guys know, if you follow me @BeChristina on Instagram, I pretty much say whatever the fuck I want whenever I want, but it didn’t start like that.

I just had to gain the courage to go, you know what? This is me. This is me authentically. This is how I feel like I need to show up today. So how that happened was taking small steps. It was willing to do it one time. It was willing to create a post. It was willing to share my thoughts and ideas. It was willing to have a conversation with someone online, going back and forth before I was able to really put out what I believed.

But courage, just like confidence, is built by the willingness to do something. So if you want to gain courage, start doing courageous things. If you want to have this life in this business that you absolutely love because you have a responsibility to live that out.

I believe every single one of us, and I’ve said this before you guys, I believe every single one of us has a responsibility to have a beautiful life, a beautiful life of sharing your God given purpose with others.

And guess what? Sometimes you have to do hard things. You have to push yourself to gain the courage, to gain the confidence, to do the damn thing. And it’s not about you.

Joyce Meyer talked about this and I don’t think she’s the only one to ever say this, but you know, someone asked her, “How do you have the confidence or how do you have the courage to stand in front of an audience of a hundred thousand people and share your message?”

And she said, “It’s not about me.” The minute I start making about me, “Oh, do I look okay today? How’s my hair? Have I gained a few pounds? Am I going to say the right thing?” That literally puts the focus back on you. She said, “My job is to serve. My job is to share a message with the world. My job is to spread the gospel. It’s not about me. So if I screw up a few times that doesn’t even matter.”

So she’s always willing to do something. She’s always willing to stand up in front of other people and share the message when sometimes I’m sure she gets nervous because she doesn’t make it about herself. So I think that’s super, super important.

So if you’re feeling a little nervous to step out, whether it’s a relationship or a business or going on a date or whatever it is, don’t make it about you. There’s another person on this planet that needs you as their spouse. Let’s be honest.

This is another one that I think is so, so big.

I got this response numerous times. You guys probably know where I’m going with this one.

What is the number one thing that so many people say is stopping them from having the life and the business that they desire? Finances. Money. This one came up probably about 50% of the time. And I do agree that having financial abundance does make certain things easier.

I’m not going to pretend that it doesn’t. I now have a successful business. My husband is successful. I have a little bit more finances than I’d say the majority and it does make certain things easier. HOWEVER, I do not want any person to believe that that is the thing that’s stopping them from creating a life and business that they desire.

I remember Chris Harder, a former mentor of mine, said there’s two kinds of debt in this world. There’s bad debt. And there’s good debt. Oftentimes so many people are afraid to invest in themselves, not because of the money, but because they don’t trust themselves.

You don’t trust that your investment is going to work because time and time again, you’ve either not done the thing that you needed to do or something happened that was outside of your control that made you fearful that the investment wasn’t going to work.

But if you trust yourself to do the work, you literally have to just make that very first investment or that very first investment where you go, no matter what, I am getting my investment back out of this. I tell people this all the time on discovery calls with me, it’s not about the money. You wouldn’t have been on this call with me if it was hundred percent about the money. It’s about the fact that you don’t trust yourself enough to believe that no matter what you will figure it out to make it work.

There has been time and time and time again that people without financial abundance have absolutely had unbelievable success because they always figure it out. Because they trust themselves to figure it out no matter what.

So if you are using the excuse that it is a financial issue that you cannot lead the life and the business that you desire, that is holding you back. And it’s not true. There is always a way.

One of my good friends, Todd, told me there’s always a way to yes. And the people who find the way to yes are the people who will have the success.

And I a hundred percent believe that. Chances are, if you’re listening to this, you have either a phone or a computer or something like that to listen to this podcast. You have the ability to create financial resources at the tip of your fingers. We live in one of the greatest times on the planet.

If you’re listening to this from the United States, you literally live in the absolute, most amazing country, I believe, on the planet. And you have the opportunity to do whatever the hell you want. And I understand there may be one or two exceptions to that rule, but overall, every single person who is listening to this has the best ability to figure it out.

There’s always a way to yes. And if you’re telling yourself that it is the money, I hear this so often, “I’m trying to pay off my house. I’m trying to have zero debt.”

You guys, I understand that it feels safe to have your house paid off. I understand it feels safe to have no debt, but I will tell you the most successful people in the world have shit tons of debt, because how you make money is using your money to make money.

So most of the most successful people on the planet, they probably either have stocks or they have real estate, or they have something that allows them to have a ton of debt, which creates income. You know, going back to the Chris Harder situation, he talked about good debt and bad debt.

There’s bad debt of going shopping and putting this on your credit card bill and having a closet full of purses that aren’t making you money.

And then there’s good debt. If you’re looking to join a program or take a class or do something that is going to get you one step closer to living the life and having the business that you want, then have that bad debt.

I remember when he said this, he’s like, “Put it on a credit card that is good debt.” And in the beginning I was like, oh gosh, I don’t know if I would want someone to like, you know, put $10,000 on a credit card in order to do something. And the longer that I’ve been in this industry, and the more that I’ve thought about it, a hundred million percent.

I know for a fact if someone has a ton of skin in the game and let’s say it’s a $10,000 price point, and that person $10,000 is a BIG deal. Guess what? Most of the time that person is going to have a ton of success. I have a client right now who literally lost her job. She had to move in with her parents.

She was facing a criminal trial, something that was no fault of her own, but she literally had her back against the wall and this woman had to do good debt for a while. She had to figure out how to invest in herself, how to invest in her business with her back against the wall.

And guess what? She’s come out the other side thriving because she knew what she wanted. She had a ton of weight on her to say, this will work. There is no other option. She did not have piles of money just waiting for her. She had to invest in herself. She had to go in debt for a little while in order to come up the other side thriving.

So if you’re telling yourself it’s money or you’re telling yourself you have to have zero debt in order to invest in yourself, that is 100% not the truth. There is good debt and there is bad debt and good debt is the thing that when you invest in yourself, you will come out the other side. The thing that you need, no matter what program it is, you need accountability and you need to learn how to trust yourself.

And if you don’t trust yourself, you better sure as a hell trust the person that you’re investing in to hold you accountable. You do your part, they do their part, and God does His part. But don’t tell yourself it’s money because that is a hundred percent not the case.

Another response that I had is a person saying that they had to have a team in order to have the success of the life and business that they wanted.

Y’all! When I first started my business, it was a one man goat rodeo, literally not knowing at all what I was doing. And I sure as shit didn’t have a team. I sure as shit did not have anything close to that. I wanted it so badly that I was willing to do all the things. I have so many clients that tell me this too, that their clients ask them, how do I do this? How do I do this? How do I do this?

I truly believe I have one of the best team members ever on my team because she’s like, “Girl, everything is figure-out-able.” If it needs to be figured out, it’s on Google or YouTube and I a hundred percent believe that. You can Google and YouTube your whole entire life to success.

I promise you. I had a client one time when I was in the golf industry, he’s literally a billionaire now. And he always said he went to Stanford. He didn’t actually go to Stanford. He bought a how-to book at the Stanford library. I swear to God, that is an actual true statement. I can’t tell you who it is. I’m sure you could maybe Google it.

But he bought a book at the Stanford library and ended up starting his business by the knowledge that he learned in this book. And he’s a lot older, it would be a lot faster now if he had the internet and Google and YouTube, but he bought a book and created a billion dollar company at the Stanford library.

I just thought that was one of the greatest stories. So again, there is no such thing as you not being able to figure shit out for yourself in order to create the life and the business that you absolutely want. Every single thing on this planet, besides maybe going to the moon, actually that’s even being done right now.

It has been done by someone else. Use that knowledge, but don’t use that as an excuse because every single thing that you want is on the other side of the willingness to decide, having faith and taking action.

Another one that someone said is something that’s stopping them from having the life and the business that they desire is focus.

And I actually believe that’s true. I think that oftentimes people say they want something and yet they have actually really no idea what that thing even looks like. Like, “Oh, I’d like to have a business or I’d like to have money, or I’d like to have the relationship,” but they don’t really get super, super clear about what that actually means and what that really really entails.

I’ve used this example a few times, but I think oftentimes people say they want something and yet their habits are completely out of alignment. What they do on a daily basis is completely out of alignment. It’s like saying, “I want six pack abs” and yet every day you’re drinking wine and eating dessert.

Well, guess what? Those things are actually out of alignment. So that’s really not what you want. Think about bodybuilding competitions or anything. Those people are so laser focused on exactly what they want that most of them, I’m assuming, I’ve never been in that industry. It’s not something I have any desire to do, but a lot of those people have success because they know exactly what they want.

My business. One of the reasons why I have had the success is because I am so laser focused on exactly what I want. I want to help people live in their purpose, make a profit and have a life that they absolutely freaking love because they were created for it.

I never want another person on the planet to not have the confidence to live in that purpose. I knew exactly what I wanted and that’s how I’ve achieved it because I know the decision, I take the action, I have the faith that it’s working out as it should – not always as I want it to, but as it should.

Another one that I think that was really, really important that someone said for the reason why they haven’t had the success or they haven’t had the life or the business that they want is because they haven’t been consistent enough.

I preach this all day long. You guys, if this is your first podcast. Welcome. I’m so glad that you’re here. But, if it’s not, you know that I tell you there’s really no magic pill besides being super freaking consistent. It’s crazy to say and maybe a bad thing to say, but there’s nothing I do that is so freaking magical. And yet everything I do is so magical because I’m consistent as hell.

I have a male one-on-one client and he talks about it all the time. He’s like, “I know for a fact, if I play the long game, I will leap and bound everyone in my industry because I am consistent as hell. I am the person who 100% will do the thing that I say I’m going to do over and over and over and over.”

And I believe that to be a hundred percent the truth. You guys, if you want a life and a business that you absolutely love, you’ve got to be consistent. You have to do the small things every single day. A year from now, they add up dramatically. I promise you. And so many people underestimate consistency.

It is such a big deal. I’m telling you, such a big deal.

Another thing that someone said in regards to having the life and business that they want, what is the one thing that they need? This was a big one. I actually got it a couple of times and it was surrendering to basically the expectation.

Everyone just kept saying surrender. I have to surrender. I have to surrender. I have to surrender. I a hundred percent believe that’s true, actually, because oftentimes we hold so tight to what we believe it has to look like that we don’t allow space for miracles. We don’t allow space for miracles.

So often I truly believe the thing that has helped me go from where I was when I started to where I am now is the belief that I don’t know everything. Number one, the perfectionist in me. And number two, I have to believe and have to surrender to the belief that where this industry is going and where I am going is exactly where I need to go.

And if I think, I have to go, right because that’s where the perfectionist in me wants to go but if the universe, my clients, everything is taking me left, I sometimes have to surrender. It’s that small, still voice inside of us. For me, that’s the small, still voice. That’s the surrender, right? It’s like, I know that small, still voice is telling me something.

And I truly have to listen to that. The world may be telling me one thing, a coach may be telling me one thing, society may be telling me one thing, but I have to surrender to that small, still voice. I have to know that I know for a fact I am being taken care of and that God is 100% doing his part.

And I have to trust that. For me, that is that small, still voice. So surrendering to that.

Another one that has come up in having a life and a business that you absolutely love and what is the thing that’s holding you back? And I wanted to end on this one because I preach on this all the time. My mastermind programs.

One of the reasons why I believe these programs are so beneficial is because so many people come to me all the time and say, I just don’t have a like-minded tribe. You know, I’ve had to listen. I go back to that surrender part, right? That small, still voice inside of me. What is the thing that everyone is telling me?

I need a tribe. I need a strong tribe. I need like-minded people.

I totally agree. I think there’s a lot of people that have a lot of success in this world without people around them. Perhaps they’re very introverted. Perhaps they’re very good at listening to themselves, but I promise you if you want to really fast forward your life and have a life and have a business that you absolutely love, getting around a like-minded tribe of supportive human beings will absolutely fast forward your life.

I preach on this all the time. It’s the reason why I have masterminds. It’s the reason why I have the Decide It’s Your Turn Network. You need a community of like-minded people. That is like the biggest fast forward to creating the life and the business that you want. If you want a life of abundance, you want a life of high vibration, you want a life of joy, you want a life of fun and laughs – be around people that are full of the exact same thing!

If you were around people who hate their frigging lives and bitch and moan and don’t take care of themselves, guess what? You’re probably going to get a lot closer to that then you are to a life of abundance that you love, a positive life. That matters so much, especially in business, too guys. There is no better fast track in life than hanging around people who are fast tracking.

There is nothing better! I promise you. If you got to hang around with people like Elon Musk and freaking Warren Buffet every single day, I promise you, you would probably have habits that are those in which people vibrate on the highest level and have success in their businesses.

It’s not a joke. People say this all the time, like, “Oh yeah, yeah. It’s not that big of a deal.” NO, it’s a big deal! I promise you. It is such a big deal. I get so passionate about it.

Like-minded people who are on the highest vibration, someone who doesn’t get you and someone who doesn’t want the same things as you, it doesn’t mean that they’re bad. All it means is that they’re not going to get closer to where you want to be. And so you don’t need to hang around those people as much. I’m not saying you can’t have them as acquaintances. I have a lot of people in my life who are acquaintances, who literally have no idea what I do and don’t get it and are totally fine with their nine to five, hang out and go to the bars on the weekend life.

But those are not the people that I want to associate with all the time. I need to be around people who are thinking big and want a life of abundance. And you know, I have people now in my life that are talking about making like a million dollars a month, owning private planes, impacting a hundred million people. That is the type of shit I want to be around because that makes that seem real.

Somewhere in my mind, I’m like, “Yeah, that’s totally possible if they’re doing it, I can do it.” But I’m kinda at the point that I’m like, “Shit, is that even possible?” But it really is. And imagine if I hung out with those people 24 hours a day, seven days a week, shit within a year, I’d be flying private and making a million dollars a month. Maybe, maybe not, but you guys know what I’m talking about, right?

You are who you associate with. If you want to get ahead in life, you need to be around the people that are ahead in life. And a way to do that is to be a part of a network, be a part of a community, be a part of a mastermind, weed out people.

One of the things that happens, oftentimes when you are transitioning your life or you’re getting laser focused on creating the life and the business that you want is you go through a period of time where you’re by yourself. I know that there’s probably someone listening to this and be like, “Oh, my God that’s me right now!”

I’m like, yes, it totally is normal. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re doing everything right, being by yourself for a certain period of time, because you have to weed out the people that are no longer in alignment with you. And it doesn’t mean they’re bad people, again, it’s just a season of your life.

And so I’m encouraging you today. Find those people, those people are out there. And I promise you the minute you tell the universe that you want, that the universe starts to bring you what you want. Start showing up as that high vibrational person and trust me, high vibrational people are attracted to you.

So I hope today was super, super helpful for you because I really want every single person to know that you CAN create the life and business of your dreams and all of the excuses that you’re telling yourself are just keeping you safe from literally living that life of abundance, living that life of purpose, living that life that you were put here to do.

And I know for a fact, all of these things are not easy, but let’s be honest, easy is not what you’re looking for. Easy is like the easy way out, but it doesn’t give you the life that you want. It doesn’t give you the business that you want. You want to take action. You want to decide. You want to have faith.

And I promise you, if you play the long game, you surround yourself with the right people, you do the small things every single day that build the courage, build the confidence, you too can decide it is your turn to have the life and the business of your dreams.