How to Create Passive Income

Learn how to create passive income and start living your dream life with online mentor Suzie Agelopoulos.

Suzie sits down with Christina in this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast to deep dive into the power of your intuition, passive income and your daily thoughts.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How Suzie found out about managing short-term rental properties 
  • The power of trusting your intuition when making a change in your life
  • The value of Airbnb to create passive income 
  • How your thoughts create your reality

Eat, Pray and Airbnb


We all deserve an eat, pray love moment am I right? Through her travels, Suzie was educated about Airbnb and rental properties, sparking her own interest on how she could make this happen for herself.


Starting with her own apartment, Suzie posted it on airbnb and it forever sparked her trajectory of success to create passive income.


In times when it comes to making hard decisions like leaving a job, it can be hard to trust your own instincts, but leaning into your own intuition is the first step to making any change in your life.

The Biggest Lesson


There comes a time when no one else’s prescription for your life is working and you have to step out and create your own rules.


Taking fast action can be scary, but in the end you have nothing else to lose besides not trying.


Suzie’s ability to trust herself further proved that she was capable of building her dream life on her journey to create passive income.

Meet Your Airbnb Guru


In the online space, the biggest value you can offer your audience is WHAT can you teach them? Even if you think they may want to know, there is an audience ready for your knowledge and skill set.


Through posting her adventures online, Suzie got an influx of messages from people wanting to know more about how she utilized her rental properties for Airbnb.


Suzie now teaches her followers the value of Airbnb to create passive income and get their time back.

Your Thoughts Create Reality


When you lean in to going after your dream life, you will begin to see the universe shifting the world around you in your favor. Because ultimately, when you live in alignment your life’s path will reflect that back to you.


It’s important to understand how your thoughts create your reality and are reflected in your actions.



About Suzie Agelopoulos:

Suzie is the top mentor to those that want to create passive income and live a deeply passionate life. After successfully building two multi-six figure businesses while traveling to 49 countries, she has helped hundreds of women escape the 9-5 through her programs and mentorships. Known for her die-hard confidence in short term rentals, overly stamped passport, and sassy ‘tude, her mission in life is to help millions of women gain financial freedom, once and for all!

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