How To Change Your Relationship With Money

Are you ready to learn how to change your relationship with money? In this episode, Christina sits down with strategic business and life coach Leisse Wilcox to talk all things money mindset and how you can start to turn your passion into profit. 



    In Leisse Wilcox’s work as a strategic business and life coach, she’s come across a familiar pattern with clients: women’s relationship with money. 


    Oftentimes when self-worth increases opportunities increase as well. 


    The messages we adopt from others about ourselves directly mold our self-worth and view of what we deserve. 

    Changing Your Relationship With Money


    It wasn’t until fairly recently that women have now become the managers and planners when it comes to their household finances. 


    When it comes to women and money, many women haven’t learned about finances mostly because it can just be intimidating. 


    Looking towards other women who are successful reiterates to your brain that anything you want in life you can achieve. Leisse has coined this as your “conscious proof”. 


    The money mindset patterns in women that hold them back from achieving what they actually want are buying into the belief that they don’t deserve to make money in the first place.


    In order to make more money you have to heal your money-mindset.

      About Leisse Wilcox:

      Leisse Wilcox is a strategic business coach, two-time bestselling author, podcast host, and inspired speaker. Her driving mission is to help you end self-sabotage so that you can change your relationship to money, increase your revenue, and finally stop playing small.

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