How to Build Multiple Income Streams with Gretchen Heinen


Episode 41 – How to Build Multiple Income Streams:

Welcome to Decide It’s Your Turn Podcast! Today, our host Christina Lecuyer will be joined by Gretchen Heinen, Founder of the Net Worth It School. We will talk about how Gretchen was able to build multiple income streams while holding a full-time job and how she consistently makes over seven figures of income. We will also discuss the reality of her journey and how you can do it too!

About Gretchen


Gretchen is an entrepreneur, and she has earned seven figures of income as a nurse. She is a big fan of not quitting and the entrepreneurial struggle and trying to prove that anyone can have the ability to generate multiple streams of income.

Generating Income from Nothing


Most people don’t realize that anyone can make good money off of a product and a company starting from nothing.  And it takes a lot of money to start and run your own business. But the cool thing about multilevel marketing and getting in with a company is that there are zero barriers to entry.


Women, in particular, can have multiple income while having a regular job if that’s what they choose.

Getting Started in Multilevel Marketing


Gretchen hated the industry. She went to a home party once before starting her company, where she made fun of the person who was giving a presentation. She was an anti-home person. The industry she represented was going to a party at someone’s house and feeling awkward and being passed around a catalog of stuff.

Direct Selling


Direct selling is the actual industry itself. Multilevel marketing is one type of company within that industry. Multilevel means that maybe the first generation of your customers, you get a certain percentage. Who they enroll would be your second generation, and that’s a different percentage. So some companies within direct selling are multilevel, and some aren’t.


In direct selling, there are lots of different structures of how companies do it. In Isagenix, they get paid the same amount. If somebody comes in two years or six years down the line, they get paid the same commission rate as the person that enrolled them.


It was the product experience that got Gretchen into the industry. She wanted people to feel good. It was a very easy entry because she was sold on the products making it was easy for her to share them. It can be more challenging for some people who go into it starting a business because you’re trying to make it a business right away.

Finding Success in Direct Selling


The people that Gretchen worked with who had success in direct selling are the people that were passionate about their products. She says that it’s hard to do anything, whether building an online business, network, or marketing. If you’re doing it strictly for the money, you will be in an uphill battle because you have to love what you’re doing.


Whatever you get into, if you want to create multiple income streams and do something other than your main hustle, you have to be passionate about the lifestyle and love the product.

Dealing with Rejections


You are going to be told “No” 30 times in a year by the person that you see every single day. But when you are persistent and overcome those rejections, you can reach the success you want and generate seven figures.


Rejection is going to happen. The industry is high in direct selling and network marketing. It is also very high when it comes to rejection because there’s a lot of misunderstanding, and most people have not experienced salespeople. So you’re taking someone who has no business knowledge, and they’re going to jump right into sales with no experience. Most of the time, they will fail.



If you’re brand new, be yourself and be real.


Being confident is the number thing that you can do in starting a business. It doesn’t matter how much you know about the business or are an expert in the industry. If you are not confident, no one is going to believe anything that comes out of your mouth because they will see the stress in your face, they will hear it in your voice, and they will see it in your body language. So, in the beginning, be honest about it.


Have a reason that you’re thinking of this person. Don’t just reach out to every person. Not everyone will come along with your business journey. You’re just looking for the people who have the problem that your product solves.


If you feel confident that you have overcome certain challenges or have yet to face those obstacles, be confident in that piece. You don’t have to be confident in the rest of it.

Connecting to a Network


If you want to build an extra income stream or do something outside your normal job or responsibilities, it might make sense to join a networking group because you will be connected with other people who have the ability to help you grow.


You can consume something that you like or do something that you like and learn about business, managing money, taxes, selling, marketing yourself, all of those things. You can do them while on someone’s dime while making money at the same time.

Generating Seven Figures


The reason that Gretchen was able to generate seven figures was that she opened her mouth. She was hungry to help people feel better. She knew as a nurse that they are overworked where their mental and physical health is affected when she saw that she had something to help fellow nurses.


Gretchen always tells people to go and talk to people, even if they don’t know what to say. She encourages people to say to others that they don’t know what to say.


Taking Action


It doesn’t matter what you are doing. If you are passionate and confident about something, take action. If you are not doing anything in your life, you will never get the success that you aim for. You are not going to get anything without action. The decision, faith, and action will change your life.


You have to go all in in the beginning. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just pick one thing and go all in.


We don’t know how far we can go until we’re told “NO” many times. You got to keep going until you’re told “NO.”

Creating a Product


Anyone can take any product. And you can make landing pages and a funnel system to funnel people in, create a campaign around it, secure the URL, and link the URL to the landing page.

Importance of Faith


When you are a Christian, and you have this belief that God is divinely downloading things to you and has a specific assignment for you, if you leave him out of that and try to build it, then you’re never going to get as far.


Listen to yourself when you are starting a business or a stream of income or whatever it is. For Gretchen, he knows within her core what she needs to do. She knows in the back of her mind that what she does isn’t going to work, and she’s willing to take the slight dip to grow.


When you know something’s off, you have to be willing to let go of the reins to have that massive growth. Trust in God to give you what you need to do.

Dreams over Screens


It doesn’t matter what you already have in place for your business. The program is for those who aren’t making money yet in their business. It is also for those who already have clients, but the revenue isn’t consistent.


The best place people can start on their journey, or if they want to check or join the program, is to go to Gretchen took the content from inside the program and put it into five mini-program over five days. Just go to the link and put your email. You’ll get into the sequence and get an email every day for five days. That gives you some tips about how to get revenue flowing in your idea.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to build multiple income streams and why it’s important
  • You can have multiple career paths
  • What is direct selling and how it works
  • How to deal with rejection in sales
  • The number one tip to starting your business

Gretchen Heinen’s Bio:

Gretchen Heinen calls faith led women higher, together, to support and hit business goals by getting their business organized, legitimized and scalable.

She is a leader in the International health community, Find Your Fit where thousands of people come to rebalance their physical health naturally so they can show up their most productive selves.

She is the founder of Net Worth It Podcast and School, the leading faith based business school to turn ideas into legacy businesses and overcome financial limiting beliefs.

She is also a foster, bio and step mom and believes that love, not DNA, defines family. She allows God to lead her businesses and believes our true potential unleashes when we take our spiritual callings and execute on them.

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