How to Build a Successful Business with Joe Chura

Starting a business today is not so different than it was 100 years ago. You still need to find an audience, build a product that people want, and then sell that product to the audience. That’s never changed. What has changed, however, is how you market yourself in a digital world.

In today’s episode, Joe Chura joins us to discuss how to build a successful business online using search engine optimization strategies, among other things. Joe began his career on the Ford assembly line at age 20, where he would read his college textbooks between building cars. With a passion for computer programming and selling cars, Joe co-founded Dealer Inspire to build new solutions to help dealers win.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Joe’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • What is SEO and how has Joe used it to maximize his career
  • How the Chicago Marathon changed his view on mindset
  • The heart condition that has shifted his perspective
  • The Refuel Event

Joe’s Story

[5:20] Joe worked on the Ford assembly line in Chicago when he was 20 years old. He studied while working to pursue a promising career. He did that for five years and graduated college as Magna Cum Laude. After a decade at Ford, he left to start a digital marketing agency.

[8:07] In early 2000, Joe stabilized his digital marketing and learned many things including how to properly use search engine optimization (SEO). Once he found out about it, he realized that he could apply SEO to his business and help other businesses.

Power of SEO

[10:47] Joe stumbled across a niche term for Ford employee discounts. He decided to build a webpage that informed Ford employees of this exclusive discounts and ran ads to the keyword as well. In the first month, Joe made about $800 in passive income. Over two or three weeks, he started to rank number one for the term Ford employee discount.

Company Creation

[13:49] In 2013, Joe bootstrapped an entirely new company. He took a convertible note, which is a loan that they have to pay back, or that loan would turn into stock. By 2017, his company was ranked number 39 as the fastest-growing company in America with about 250 employees. They’ve covered a lot of businesses and broad-spectrum, but 75% of that business was in the automotive vertical. There is a big opportunity to solve a problem for dealers that didn’t have good websites.

Keep Moving Forward

[16:16] Moving forward, Joe believes in always finding a solution because there’s no other way out. You need to persevere. If you have people listening to your podcast, that doesn’t mean you’re making money on it. But that means your KPIs are going in the right direction.

Follow All the Signs

[20:26] Every step was a hard mile. Joe started developing cramps and more physical ailments. Mile 23 was a drag, and at mile 24, he looked behind him and saw 10,000 people walking. It sent him on this journey to figure out mind over matter and how much your mind controls things. That doesn’t mean you can’t rest and be happy with where you’re at. You absolutely should and can celebrate the wins.

Perfect Transition of New Life

[23:34] A decade earlier, Joe couldn’t pay his water bill. And now he’s sitting with gratitude asking, “how did I get here?” Joe stands on top of a mountain with the flag, “I did it.”

The Event – Go This Year

[29:54] Go This Year is an event that Joe wanted to focus on something he learned from Rich Roll, and that is mood follows action. When you start to do something, no matter what it is like, your mood typically will follow that. This year, because of COVID, they’re going to have a limited amount of people in person. But it’ll be streamed live, so you can tune in no matter where you’re at. It was a ton of fun to see people overcome their roadblocks and mental adversity.

Business Success is Found in Different Ways

[35:12] Joe wasn’t the best team player in the sense that he wanted to do it all by himself, build a company all on his own, and didn’t rely on his partners. But what ended up happening is that he wanted things to happen so quickly, and he didn’t have patience. Joe did not get the leadership support that he needed.

Joe and His Wife Are Always Striving Towards More

[41:37] He doesn’t think there was a catalyst from either one of them. They are constantly training for something. As soon as they finish the race on Saturday, they’ll sign up for something else because those workouts have a different meaning. And then that way you can work towards something every day.

Big Best Decision in Life

[51:06] Joe was on the right track to be a leader and do all these good things. When Joe gave up working at Ford corporate to jump into different type of business, it wasn’t easy. But he’d learned along the way how to persevere and has picked up valuable tips on how to build a successful business. Ultimately, it was the best decision he’s made in his life.

About Joe Chura:

Joe Chura embodies a passion for leadership, fitness, and health using the challenges and experiences he’s faced on his journey to help and inspire others to achieve their goals. This calling, and the support of those who believed in him and allowed him to believe in himself, led Joe to become a well-known successful entrepreneur, podcaster, investor, and philanthropist.

The founder of two bootstrapped companies, Launch Digital Marketing and Dealer Inspire, Joe became the leader of two of the fastest-growing companies in America, earning the #39 spot on the Inc. 500 and #5 ranking on Crain’s Chicago Fast 50. In 2018, Joe sold both businesses to in Chicago’s largest acquisition of the year and continues to lead their growth and innovation today as CEO serving over 5k clients and 800 employees.

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