How the Truth Makes You Unstoppable with Tomi Lahren

Do you have the confidence to fight for what you believe in? It’s so important to not only speak your mind, but also to speak up for those who are not able to do so. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Christina is joined by Tomi Lahren, a free-speech advocate, conservative political commentator, and one of the most controversial pundits in America.

Tomi frequently criticizes liberal politics and has over 5 million followers on social media. She’s an advocate for shedding your fear, finding your inner strength, speaking the truth, and never letting the haters get you down. Tune in as we discover how Tomi gained her confidence in standing up for what she believes in and how the truth makes you unstoppable in whatever you do.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Tomi’s story and journey
  • How to build and gain confidence in who you truly are
  • Remaining authentic to yourself
  • One of the hardest situations Tomi has had to navigate
  • Tomi’s core values

What is Confidence?


Confidence is something you have to work on every day. Some people are born with more confidence than others. It is something that you have to sharpen, something you have to remind yourself of. But there there are also days when you feel very confident. Whether it’s professionally or personally, there will be things that knock you down. You just have to practice confidence every day.



Tomi built her career on being authentic. Back when she was just starting to get on One America News on national TV, she had to walk in there with confidence and she had to trust herself to land the job. She believed in herself and believed in her natural, authentic voice.


Some people are excellent at sports, music, theater, or other things typical for young people to be good at. But for Tomi, she was good at politics and articulating a viewpoint. She was always good at looking at the news and drawing something from it, then translating it for people to understand better.

Voice for the People


Tomi wanted to bring a voice to a national platform. She wanted people to feel like they mattered and that the issues that were important to them were also important to the nation. She wants to be the voice for people who often cannot speak for themselves. It’s important to understand how the truth makes you unstoppable and your voice gives you the power to make a difference.

It is very easy to want to appease people because you get the limelight, get the money, and get the status, whatever it may be. It’s effortless to play to the hits, but it’s not fulfilling. At the end of the day, you are just a shell of yourself. You’re just going for what’s good, what’s trending, and you’re not drawing it from a place in your soul.


True success isn’t defined by whether or not you get millions of followers or all the money. You get to put your head on the pillow and know that you’re staying true to yourself.

Fight for What You Believe


Three things will change your life; decision, faith, and action. Tomi took all three actions when she decided she would fight back. She had unwavering faith that God was in control. With those three things, anyone can get through anything. You will feel good that you fought for what you believed in.

Be Humble


When you start getting media attention, or  followers, and get a blue checkmark on your social media profile, it’s easy to become full of yourself in thinking that you’re better than other people or that you’re untouchable. Remind yourself to be humble, always.

Choose Your Battles


There are times that you get mad, and you go off the cuff. Sometimes you have to reel that back. But that’s part of being an adult. Sometimes, there are things that you want to say, but you have to think if they are worth it or not. For Tomi, she learned to pick her battles. You cannot pick every single battle. If you choose every single battle and you go to the mat for every single little thing, it’s going to wear you out, and people will look at you differently. There are times when you need to set it out, and you got to know when those times are.

Just Wait. Don’t Settle.


If you don’t know if a relationship is right for you, it probably isn’t right. If you think that you’re settling, you probably are. If that thought crosses your mind, you’re probably settling, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just wait, be smart, make good decisions, and it will happen. Don’t try to speed up the process. God has a plan and in his time, not yours, he will reveal that to you.


Take that power back. You don’t need to be in a miserable relationship. Wait until someone treats you right. It will set your world on fire because anything else will make you miserable. Don’t settle. Living in your truth will make you unstoppable.

Learn How to be Alone


Many women hold on to bad relationships because they are terrified of being alone. They either live with their parents, roommates, or friends, or they are in a relationship. They are terrified of being alone with themselves and their thoughts. The best thing that women can do if they’re getting out of a relationship or trying to decide what they’re going to do next is live alone and spend some time alone. That is how they learn who they truly are.

Tomi’s Plan for Herself


Whatever Tomi will be doing, she will be doing it authentically. She is building a career where nobody is going to tell her NO. She doesn’t want to be reliant on anybody or any entity. She wants to be utterly dependent upon herself and her family.

Stay in Reality


Realize that social media is important. But know that it’s almost like an alternate reality. Sometimes, you need to leave that alternate reality where it belongs and get back into the actual reality to stay sane and realize what’s real and what’s not. You need some boundaries in life because there are few boundaries on social media and you need to be yourself.

Be Yourself


We can show that there is abundant life. We can show that we can be conservative and show that we can have a lot of success. We can have a successful marriage, be ourselves, and take care of ourselves.


Looking back at what she has done with her career, Tomi realizes that much of what she did and the people she trusted caused her a lot of grief. It’s caused her a lot of money and sleepless nights. But every bump in the road and every person she wishes she wouldn’t have trusted knows that she needed to learn those lessons. She needed those knocks along the way which strengthened her to get to the point where she is now.

About Tomi Lahren:

Tomi Lahren is a free-speech advocate, a conservative media star, and a best-selling author.

In her book, Never Play Dead, Tomi cheers on anyone, especially other young women willing to speak their minds. She takes readers on a tour of the internet trolls, political correctness police, campus activists, and condescending elites who never pass up a chance to quash honest debate. And she skewers the self-esteem movement that ironically discourages people from speaking up for themselves.

Tomi currently serves as host of FOX Nation’s Final Thoughts and No Interruption. Final Thoughts recaps her views on the day’s top stories, while No Interruption takes viewers beyond the headlines with top newsmakers and notable personalities to discuss the big stories.

In addition to her role on FOX Nation, Tomi is a contributor for FNC, offering political commentary across the network’s opinion programming, primarily on Hannity and FOX & Friends.

Follow Tomi on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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