How Fat Loss Really Works

Have you ever wondered how fat loss really works? On today’s episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Michelle Blum sits down with Christina to share how you can begin to make a true transformation in your weight loss journey that goes far beyond just dieting.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How fat loss really works and the process to getting there
  • How to transform your nutrition through mindset
  • The three step framework to losing weight
  • Michelle’s journey and passion for starting her company

The Secret to Weight Loss


Losing weight is often thought of synonymously with dieting. But what if it’s much deeper than that? What if transforming your mindset is where it all really begins? In Michelle Blum’s experience, this is what she has found to be true.


When Michelle was finding her passion in nutrition she was finding all around her that individuals were focused solely on their weight and other symptoms caused by weight gain. But rarely individuals were focused on what was really causing these symptoms.


Mindset and habits have been a huge theme in Michelle’s work with clients, and these are the areas she finds need to be worked on first before any actual transformation can take place.

The Framework


There are three points Michelle works on with her clients to guarantee results:

  1. An improvement on what you’re eating
  2. You need to enjoy it, and you need to like it!
  3. Whatever method you choose, you have to be willing to do long term

The Journey


After graduating, Michelle was so passionate about nutrition and knew her method could help change people’s lives. Starting at a small local gym locker room, she slowly built her business consulting women on their weight loss journey’s.


At the time, with only Facebook as her social media presence, Michelle spread the word on her services. Which now has multiple locations and has changed thousands of people’s relationship with nutrition.

The Process


With so much information about what is right and what is wrong in nutrition, Michelle explains that the real answer to people’s questions is what works best for them. There is no catch all approach, and every person’s needs are different.


Fine tuning what someone is really struggling with, allows you to hone in and really create a transformational action plan.


When expectations and education on weight loss isn’t managed, many people give up on their pursuit to transform their nutrition. The journey has ebbs and flows, but consistency and knowing what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘not normal’ can really support people to become more empowered on their journey.

About Michelle Blum:

Michelle Blum is a certified Nutritionist and Founder of Nutrish Mish. Over the past 9 years she has helped thousands change their relationship with food, and develop their own nutrition philosophy.

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