How To Help Your Kids Build Confidence

When it comes to raising children, the phrase “it takes a village” is truly no joke. On today’s episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Mary Frances and Jill Peterson stop by to share how to help your kids build confidence through self-worth & compassion.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How to navigate raising children in their developmental phase 
  • The power in community and role models 
  • The importance of teaching self-worth to help kids build confidence
  • What SEL facilitation is

A Time of Discovery


When we become adults, we oftentimes forget what it was like to be a child and unafraid of risks and putting ourselves out there. 


It’s important that as parents, one remembers to be patient with their child as they are going through their adolescent development and figuring out and discovering who they are. 


Creating and teaching our kids to express themselves through communication is the key part of their development and helping our kids build confidence. 


Bringing in people from your community and role model figures will help re-iterate to your child in a powerful way the same things you’re teaching them about what is right and what is wrong. 

How To Help Your Kids Build Confidence


When something takes off in popularity within society, much like social media, it’s hard to know what the long-term effects may be.


As we all now know, social media only continues to grow over time. Because of this, it’s pivotal we teach and reiterate to kids their own self-worth.

SEL Facilitation 


The technique Mary and Jill use in their programs with children is SEL faciliations, also known as Social Emotional Learning. 


Making a breakthrough to children can be difficult, but getting back on their level no matter their age will allow them to feel respected. 


As someone is developing it’s essential we allow them space to process their emotions in a healthy way. 

About Jill Peterson & Mary Frances:

Jill Petersen is a serial optimist with a bubbly personality and animated expressions. She is a wife, mother of two boys, and seeks fun in everything she does! She is an experienced coach & former leader at lululemon, where she spent nearly a decade building her passions and career. Her superpower lies within connecting & building trust quickly with others to help people find their greatness.

Jill holds a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies (Communication) and (Mass Communication) from Arizona State University. She received a certificate in Mindfulness Leadership from ASU in 2018 and is Yoga Alliance 200-hour certified.

Mary Frances is an avid community supporter, adult cheerleader, experienced coach & leader. Part of her joy as a mentor is not just being the one who leads but also having the ability to raise others to live into their leadership potential. She has a B.S. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University and an MBA in the school of hard knocks. She started her entrepreneurship journey as a certified Crossfit L2 coach and gym owner, where she worked with hundreds of kids, teens, and adults.

She is an H-O-T leader: Humble, Open, and Transparent, sharing about her tumultuous past dealing with family trauma, abuse, CPS, and a broken home, all of which have led to a strong desire to break the mold and assist others in doing the same.

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