God Broke Her Leg

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This week, Christina Wyrick shares her story of divine intervention. Christina struggled with alcohol addiction for years before God finally broke her leg. Now, she’s one year sober and finding a life of mission and purpose by helping other moms keep their cups full. Listen in for the whole transformation. 

Christina Lecuyer’s Bio:

Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn: Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully live in their purpose, confidently and successfully! 

Christina Wyrick’s Bio:

Christina Wyrick is on a mission to help other women regain their self worth by helping them find purpose. She is a mom of twins and a retail manager. Christina is one year sober from her struggle with alcohol and has never felt more herself. 

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Full Episode Transcript: 

Christina Lecuyer: Hey y’all! Welcome back to the Decide It’s Your Turn podcast today. I’m very excited for this interview. It is one of my clients and a  good friend. 

We’ve known each other now for almost a year, crazy to think about! And you and I had a conversation last week, we were doing one of our coaching calls and I looked at you and I was like, “Damnit! When I met with Christina, why the hell did we not have ‘record’ on so we could use this as a podcast?!” 

And you said to me, you’re like, “I would love to do a podcast with you.” 

And I was like, “Oh my God, amazing. Let’s do it!”

So, for those who do not know you, which probably is most people because you’re not a celebrity of any kind. You’re just like me. You’re just a normal human being kicking ass and taking names at life.

But you have an amazing story that I think so many people will resonate with. So give everyone a little background on who you are, love. 

Christina Wyrick: I am Christina Wyrick, also known as Christina Number Two. I’m just kidding. That’s what we always name myself in the masterminds. Currently I am a manager of a big retail company.

I’m a mom of twins who are four and I one day just decided it was my turn to start following my passion. And it kind of, do you want me to go on to the story? 

Christina Lecuyer: Yeah! How you and I met a year ago, let’s kind of dive into that about how you found me and kind of where you were in your life. 

Christina Wyrick: Okay. So I was working nonstop taking care of twins. I was exhausted. I was not taking care of myself. I was only taking care of my kids, my 40 employees, my partner, you know, pouring into everyone but myself and the stress of all that sorta kind of led me to drinking, like out of stress and it’s something like my dad’s an alcoholic.

So it’s unfortunately something that runs in my family. And I decided to de-stress, I would drink at night when everybody went to sleep. And I thought that that was the best answer at the time to make me feel better. 

But at the end of the day, it was only making things worse. And so once the pandemic hit, like in retail land or all the essential workers, it was really stressful.

So I was already depleted even before that happened. And then once COVID hit and everybody was scared out of their minds, like what’s going on? No one can buy toilet paper. We’re all freaking the fuck out, right? I’m stressed out. I can’t find fucking chicken for my family, you know?

So I decided one day after work, I got chardonnay like I normally do, not thinking much about it. And then I literally fell and I broke my leg and it was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me because I just knew. Cause every day, honestly, Christina, when I would drink, I would sit there and pray to God that I would stop.

Because, and I think most addicts, I can’t speak for all of them, but I’m pretty sure that when you’re using things, it’s the last thing you really want to do but you’re so far deep in your depression and your anxiety and your stress that you just don’t even know how to stop.

You know what I mean? It’s just easier to just keep doing it. 

Christina Lecuyer: I want to stop you here because I think that there’s so many people right now that are listening to this podcast that are going to go, “Holy shit, me too.” And whether it’s them or someone that they love, you know, something I talk about a lot with my clients in my mastermind group.

And I don’t talk at all about a lot personally because it’s not my story to tell, but there’s someone close to me in my family that deals strongly with addiction as well. And I am not alone in that. 

I heard you just say, and so many people are going to resonate with this, whatever it is that they’re doing, whatever that addiction is, whatever that vice, whatever that problem, there’s that moment where you pray to God that you’ll just quit. 

And I remember telling myself the exact same thing, “Please, God, don’t let me throw up one more time.” And when you said that right now, it doesn’t matter if it’s drugs, alcohol, eating disorder, sex, whatever the heck it is in your life that you’re addicted to, I believe you’re a hundred percent correct. 

We all have that moment that we are begging to stop and yet something usually dramatic has to happen in order for that to happen. So I love that you’re vulnerable on this. I love that you’re talking about this. So go ahead. You’re at that moment where you’ve just broken her leg.

Christina Wyrick: Yeah. So I fell when I broke my leg and I went to the doctor and it turned out to be a lot worse than I even thought it was. And I had to have surgery. I have pins and all kinds of fun souvenirs in my leg for the rest of my life. And after surgery, it’s what they refer to as your lying on the floor moment.

I was lying on my couch because that was the easiest place for me to get up and out of my life because I couldn’t walk at all. And after the surgery, I couldn’t walk for like 14 weeks because it had to heal. But I was in all this pain and I remember I said to God, I said, “I promise I will never use alcohol again to de-stress.”

And now it has literally been a year since I broke my leg, which I was telling Christina, I’m like, it’s kind of crazy. You invited me on the podcast and it’s been exactly a year of what happened to me to lead me to you. And so, um, yeah, I just don’t, I don’t know. I haven’t had a desire, nothing cause it’s just, I don’t ever want to have that on the floor moment again. It’s so much better now that I have clarity, you know what I mean? 

Before I was just burying my feelings, numbing my pain, numbing my stress, whatever. And now I deal with it head on. So it’s just literally the best thing that ever happened to me because I was on the verge of probably losing my job.

Chad probably was fed up with me. You know what I mean? We didn’t really talk about it, but I’m sure he was like you think you’re hiding these things. Even my daughter’s we’re not getting the best of me because it just made me more tired.

I was already tired and I thought it was like making things better when it was only adding to everything. So I am just a hundred percent so thankful, even though I went through so much pain and I still have pain in my leg. I feel like the pain in my leg every day is kind of a constant reminder.

Like, no, you don’t do that. Don’t do that because look at what happens when you do stuff like that. It’s kind of in a way a metaphor, physical pain that is actually causing me more like mental, emotional, spiritual pain in the long run. So I’m always reminded that this physical pain is something I’d rather live with for the rest of my life than that emotional, depressed former Christina before I broke my leg. 

Christina Lecuyer: Mm. Okay. So I am obsessed, I really am. I know everyone who’s listening resonates with this is obsessed too, but I think we’ve missed like, hello. We missed the whole entire year of what happened, how you went from laying on the couch telling God you were done, you were no longer going to use alcohol as a coping mechanism to where you are now, which is over a year sober, definitely processing your feelings, being in a much better space, thriving with your kids. Thriving at work. 

Let’s just throw it out there. You literally just got an award from one of the biggest companies in the world in your region in the last couple of weeks, because you’ve been kicking ass and taking names and literally crushing your job. And you’re newly engaged!

There’s just so many things that have happened in that last month. But let’s go back and talk about what you say, laying on that couch, “Alright God, I’m done” to take the action to decide. So that was your decision. I always believe there’s decision, faith and action. So how did you go from the decision to where you are now?

Christina Wyrick: Well, I obviously had a lot of time on my hands. I couldn’t work for five months because I couldn’t walk and my job is physical. So we just can’t go to work in a wheelchair. So I really just started reading a lot. The first book I read was Dave Hollis Get Out of Your Own Way, which I really, really loved.

Also listening to tons of podcasts all the time. Just fueling my mind with positive vibe people, trying to rebuild confidence. I started going to therapy, which was another thing. But how I got to you as I was listening to Lori Harder’s podcast and she interviewed you.

And I was like, “Oh my God, I love this woman.” Cause you were just like cussing and I was like, “I love to cuss.” 

I do cuss a lot. I feel bad, but in my back room I do it so outwardly. 

Christina Lecuyer: I don’t feel bad about it. That’s so funny. I do want to point that out though, because I think so many people judge themselves for certain reasons. And it’s so funny, you and I connected because of the fact that I do, cuss and that I have my faith.

And then there’s so many people that probably listened to Lori’s podcast and were like, “Oh my God, I cannot believe she brought on a person who cusses like that.” So needless to say, this is just a reminder to everyone out there that there is someone for everyone. 

Christina Wyrick: Yes, there is. And you were my person. So, I decided that day when you were talking about your Decide It’s Your Turn event and it was virtual and that was a blessing, too. You had to pivot and go virtual. So I got to just lay on my couch with my broken leg and watch the whole thing from my couch. And then you offered the free calls and I had always heard Lori Harder talk about mastermind, mastermind, mastermind.

And because I just loved you. And we talked and you’re like, “So you’re going to do it?” And I was like, yes. And it was like, “Okay, let’s just do it.” 

I just did it. I’m like, I have the time, I don’t even know why I’m doing this. I don’t know what the purpose is, but I’m just gonna do it.

And so I did, and I loved every minute of it. And having the support of you and all the women in that first round just really opened my eyes to just living my life with more purpose and following my dreams. I always wanted to write a book and be an author.

Even when I was going through the worst things in my life, I always felt like I was going through them because I was supposed to share them with other people to help them either not make the same mistakes or know that they were not alone. So I feel like I’ve been given a gift of writing from God and I need to use it.

So I just started with you and everyone sharing my journey online, going through my broken leg. And I shared all the things that I learned. And I’m in the process now, after all that, starting a book. So I’ve come a long way. 

Christina Lecuyer: Oh my God. That’s why I said last week when we were on our coaching call, I said to you, I was like, “Gosh, I just wish we could have recorded this.”

And obviously now we are. And I just think it’s so important for people to realize that, even what you said, where you literally didn’t know why you were even joining, you really barely knew what a mastermind was, but you knew you had to do something and you had to have faith that this was the next step in the path.

I think that’s so important for people to remember that they don’t have to know – you guys who are listening! You do not have to know every step. You do not have to know how it makes sense, but you have to be willing to take that one step of action. You literally didn’t know. And I think this is really important too.

It’s not like you’re rolling around in cash all the time in the world. That wasn’t it, it was like you knew that you had to do something, so you figured out how to do it. And it led you to the next thing. Sharing your story is so important. One thing that we’ve talked about numerous, numerous times together is the fact that you do not have to write a New York Times best seller in order for you to leave an absolutely massive mark on this planet. 

One thing that Christina does, if you follow her over on social media, every single day, you know me, I appreciate every single day consistency, consistency, consistency. 

Christina, since the minute she joined my program, she’s been posting the quote of the day @ChristinaNoelWyrick, you guys can find all of the information on Christina in the show notes and on social media, but every day, even when you’ve pivoted it off, even when you’re so busy, even when you’re back to work, even when you’re a a two four year olds. 

You’ve been so consistent with posting that quote of the day, which is inspiring other people every single day. Christina only has a couple thousand followers, but every single day, you have people that you have been changing their lives by you changing yours. 

Christina Wyrick: Yes, I agree. I mean, I think before you have this stream of inspiring people and you think that you try and people still love you. But now I feel like I actually am. You know what I mean? Like you want to leave an impact and just by showing up every day, and I still obviously have days where I’m not feeling like myself or whatever, but I always love to share quotes that resonate with me and whatever I’m going through that day, you know what I mean? So it’s like, if today’s like a shit show, here’s a quote about how to manage a shit show. You know what I mean? So, I mean, and I have people a lot of times telling me that I inspire them and it just fills me up because I want everyone to know that they can decide too to change their life. 

And it can be even just little steps everyday, like going for a 10 minute walk changes things or listening to podcasts or getting a therapist or just, it’s just so important because if we need to, I want to inspire especially moms to take care of themselves because you can’t take care of everybody in your life if you’re just running on an empty tank. And so if little things everyday, like me posting a quote or me sharing a hard time as a mom or something, so people know that they’re not alone.

That’s what I’m here to do. I feel like that’s my purpose is to just help people get through the shit storms of life. I know that you can come out the other end stronger. 

Christina Lecuyer: And I just, that was one of the main reasons why I wanted to have you on this podcast, because oftentimes I think people who are listening to podcasts go, “Oh, it must be nice for them”, or, “Oh yeah, you have that status or you have that life and you have that thing.”

You and I are two normal human beings doing this walk that we call that life and we’re trying to do it the best that we can and we’re trying to inspire others. And there is nothing that someone else couldn’t do that you have done in the last year. You have no magic wand. You have no special privilege. You have nothing.

You are literally just a normal human being who went from an alcoholic, trying to function as a mom and having a normal job to saying enough is enough. And every single day, I am going to decide and take action and have faith that it’s leading me to where I am today, which is a completely different person.

I think one of the reasons, again, why I wanted to have you on is because oftentimes people think that they join these mastermind programs or coaching programs or whatever it is to achieve a business goal. 

So often I get asked the question, do you only work with people who want to do a business or write the book or do the thing. You told me last week. You said, I feel a little lost, like I’m left behind because I haven’t started the business or I hadn’t started the book or, well, you’ve started the book, but you haven’t published the book or anything. 

And I said, Christina, where you are one year from where you were is the biggest aha needs sparks, flames, and sprinkles, all of it, because it is so unbelievably magical. 

And that’s what I want people to realize one year, one year of taking action. And it has not been easy. I have been with you for the last year and it has not been easy, but where you are now is 180 degrees different, and that is worth every single inch of what you’ve done in the last year.

Christina Wyrick: Yes. 100%. I agree. Cause I mean, like you said, it’s a long game. That’s what you teach all of us. If you’re in it, it’s a long game. Like you didn’t become the Christina Lecuyer that we all know now overnight. It took years. And so it’s like, I’m going to publish a book, right? I mean, but the inner work that I’ve done on myself the past year is part of the long game.

Because I can’t become that author, I can’t share my story if I’m not confident, if I don’t see my self-worth. You know what I mean? There’s just all these things that you have to do on the inside in order to show it on the outside. And so those were the pieces that I have been missing for like 37 years. I’ve struggled with confidence and self-worth my whole life. I remember times in high school just like even staring in the mirror wishing I was anybody but myself. 

And that’s something that once I had my kids, kind of that high school girl inside me, for some reason, came back because your body’s changed. I mean, I grew two humans at the same time, right? I mean, not many people can say they did that, so my body was wrecked.

I was exhausted. I almost resented people because I couldn’t sleep anymore. So I just kind of had to rebuild who I was. It’s like the person I am today, it’s always been inside me, but I had to do the work to become her. Because I just lost her for a little while, again, because I was just burnt out and not taken care of. 

Christina Lecuyer: I know that there’s so many people that this is just hitting like right in the gut for. Do you think you ever found yourself before kids? 

Christina Wyrick: I felt like probably not. I felt like there was a time in between  my early thirties when I decided to move to Arizona. Here’s a Decide It’s Your Turn type of thing. I felt stuck in a rut in California because I was still living in the same place that I grew up, went to high school, all that stuff.

And I was like, I just need to be my own person and get out of here. So I kind of just literally decided, and I packed up my shit and I moved by myself to Arizona. And during that time, I really felt like I did have more of an opportunity to find out who I was, what I liked, be more confident.

But then once I had my kids, I still needed to do more inner work because when I first moved to Arizona, drinking and using that as like a stress reliever. So I think now I can say confidently that I’m just different now. You know what I mean? I was confident then, but I was still a mess trying to figure out my life with alcohol and I shouldn’t have been doing that.

Christina Lecuyer: Mm. I think that that is just so good. People always say to me, have you always been confident? And I said, you know, on the outside, I looked pretty confident for a really long time. I would say that, you know, my confidence now is about 87% and before it was probably about 7%. But if you were to look at me, physically from the outside, nothing’s really changed, like how I show up in the world.

But it’s the inside part that is just dramatically different now. And I think you’re saying pretty much the same thing as before you took away all the things that you thought were hindering your confidence, but then, you know, the kids came, you ended up getting with Chad and all the things and you never really worked on the inside part.

And now perhaps the exterior looks very similar, but the interior is completely different. And I want people to really understand that, that it takes doing the inner work. It takes doing the work, you know, the Holistic Psychologist. She has a book called Doing the Work and people are always like, what’s the work, you know, what is the work?

But the work is the insight part. The work is healing you. I say this oftentimes with Nathan, I say, I’m very content with my life. And he sometimes looks at that as a negative thing because he’s like, “Oh, how would you want to be content?” I’m like, I still have goals, dreams, ambitions.

I still want to kick ass and take names, but overall I’m just so content with who I am and what I do and the life that I have. And I believe that that’s like the ultimate goal. Just like you said, you know, both of our lives throw curve balls all the time. It’s not like we’re perfect. We do have shit show moments.

We do want to cry and curl up in a ball and do all the things. But now overall, you know that like the inside of Christina, she’s pretty damn awesome. 

Christina Wyrick: Yes. And I think, too, a big piece is that negative self-talk that we talk about a lot too. That’s the difference too. That’s a big inner work thing that I want your listeners to think about too.

Right before I broke my leg, I used to tell myself all the time “I hate my life” because I would be so stressed out. I was so tired. I just wanted a fucking nap. But really at the end of the day, it’s like me and Chad have worked hard. We have a beautiful home.

We have two beautiful kids. We’re not rich, but we do well. You know what I mean? We have everything we need in life and I didn’t hate my life. I just hated the way I approached my life. So I had to switch that in my mind where I even found myself sometimes on stressful days about to say it.

And I have to say to myself, “No, you do not hate your life. You have a beautiful home. You have beautiful kids, you have beautiful things like you’re a beautiful person, you’re working on yourself.” Like just literally changing it. 

I had a talk with Chad the other day, he was stressed out about work and I heard him yelling, “I hate my fucking life.” 

And I was like, “You don’t hate your life. And if you tell yourself that, then you’re going to.” So that’s the biggest inner work that I’m proud to say I’ve worked on. And I think everyone needs to do that because it’s what they say. It’s like you live in your mind. No one else does. So make it like a clean place to live. 

If I’m having a bad day, I try just being quiet. It kind of washes away the bad juju that’s happening. And then for 10 minutes then I’m like, okay, that’s done. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Christina Lecuyer: I love that. I want everyone to get tangibles. So besides taking the 10 minutes to clear your brain besides catching yourself. And I think that that’s something that people need to listen to and learn as well is if you are a person who has these negative self-talk, if you are a person who literally says, I hate my life. I hate me. I’m this, I’m that. It takes a lot in the beginning to stop and say, “Oh no, you don’t. That’s just a moment in time. I don’t actually hate myself. I hate this moment right now, but this moment is going to go away and I’m going to have another great moment.”

What is something else tangible that you’ve done in the last year to really help change and do the work on the inside?

Christina Wyrick: Well, for me, writing and journaling. And then here’s a big thing too, I’m going to be real. A lot of my negative energy comes from work. Right. I love my job a lot, but it’s very stressful, managing 20 year olds. I don’t know if any of you listened to this. I love you. 

They’re just like where we were when we were 20. It’s like any little thing that happens in life is like the biggest thing in the world. And you want to just shake them and be like, this is nothing. Yeah. This is not hard. You’re going to be okay. 

Christina Lecuyer: That’s so true though. I know a hundred percent, I know exactly what you’re talking about because you love your people so much.

You have cried to me on how much you love your employees and what an amazing job you do with them. But it’s kind of like me with my clients. Sometimes I’m just like, “Oh, my God. Don’t worry. I promise you. I know that you think that your businesses and your life is over right now, but like let’s wake up tomorrow morning and I promise you we’re going to be good.”

It’s a fucking roller coaster called life, but we can handle it much better in our late thirties, early forties.

Christina Wyrick: I mean, yes, 100%, because you don’t realize that it gets better until you’re there, you know, like it’s the truth. It’s because you want to be an adult, but you can’t afford to be one yet and you still have to live with your mommy and I get it. But it’s going to be okay. I promise. 

So before I broke my leg, a lot of my friends and stuff that I’ve met, obviously work in the same place.

So I feel like when you’re friends with people you work with, then that just is your constant reality, right? That’s all you guys talk about. So the biggest thing that I think has helped me is joining your mastermind, making connections with all these different women who are following their purpose, following their dreams and giving myself my space to have friends and people in my life that are completely separate from that.  

That really is the biggest thing is being influenced and surrounded by people who are following their purpose. And doing the same work that I do, like reading books, listening to podcasts, and writing I am amazing on a post-it on their mirror.

Just that kind of stuff has really been the biggest thing that has helped me because it’s like, here I am, it’s my day off and I have scheduled a podcast or do a class or a mastermind call or have my accountability group calls or I surround myself with like-minded people now. 

I 100% separated my job and the things that I love and fill me up when I’m at home or I spend time with my kids at night. I try really hard to, I told you the other day, I come home from work and I sit in my car for 10 minutes.

I think, “Okay. This is what went wrong. This is what happened. I’m going to do this, this and this to try to change it.” 

And then I leave it in my car and I come inside and I hang out with my kids and I do things like this and it really makes a difference. That’s the biggest, biggest thing I think has helped me.

Christina Lecuyer: For those who didn’t catch that last part, let’s just reiterate that again. She leaves her shit in the car at the end of the day. I was listening and I think I told you this last week on our call, I was listening to a Joel Olsteen podcast one time and he had said that someone that he knew had a tree outside of his house. And every time he touched the tree, before he went into his house, he called it his worry tree or something like that. And he left all his worries on the tree and he was more than welcome to pick them up when he left the house in the morning.

But when you make that transition to a new space, I do believe that’s very, very helpful is how can you create a change in your vibration, in your situation, whatever it is to go from where you were to where you are now, because if your work is quite stressful, then you have to be able to leave that in order to have a different part of your life not be the exact same thing.

You don’t want to bring your stress in on your four year olds, because then your four year olds are going to be pissed and then you’re going to be pissed at Chad and it’s just going to be like this absolute circle of craziness, right? And people say, “Well, I can’t do that. I have to bring my…” No, everything is a decision and everything is a choice.

You just have to put your priorities in order. That’s something that I tell people all the time. People say, you know, I want this. And I’m like, “Okay, well, what are you actually doing if you actually want that, you’d put your priorities in line with the things that you actually want in your life.” And so you actually want a safe, serene, well, serene as much as you can with two 4 year olds, but you know, you want a different place that is not the high stress of your job. And I think that’s really, really helpful for people to hear and to learn because it’s a hundred percent the truth. You have to make decisions sometimes that are difficult to make, but are going to bless your life in different ways.

And I think you’ve done a fantastic job of that. 

Christina Wyrick: Thank you. 

Christina Lecuyer: You’re welcome. And I do think, I think we kind of glazed over it a little bit too, but for awhile there has been so amazing about really changing your thoughts by changing the things that you surround yourself with. You were talking about putting sticky notes on your mirrors and things like that.

People sometimes overlook how simple things can truly be. I always say everything that I do is actually very, very simple. The things that you have done are actually very, very simple. The thing is the hard part about what you and I do is the fact that we do it consistently over a long period of time.

You’re journaling, your sticky notes, your 10 minutes in your car, what you surround yourself with. None of those things are astronomically life changing that no one else can do. It’s just that you’ve done them every freaking day for a year. And Holy shit, you’re one year sober.

And you broke your leg a year ago.

Christina Wyrick: Yeah. It’s crazy. 1% every day turns into a hundred percent difference. And it doesn’t have to be huge. And there’s some days where I am more tired and I don’t do everything that I say that I do, but at least I’m not drinking.

And that’s what I celebrate. Once you make the decision to change your life, change your mindset, change everything. You just have to continue to do it every day so that you don’t backpedal or go back to where you were before.

Honestly, it’s not hard really. It seems hard, but like once you start doing it, it’s the best decision you can ever make for your life. 

Christina Lecuyer: Honestly, I love that so much. I’m so grateful that you shared your story. I’m so grateful that you decided to do this. And not just for me. You know me, I believe in God, source, universe, whatever you want to call it for me, it’s God.

But you know, I believe that God, you say it all the time. God broke your leg. And I think a hundred million percent God broke your leg and saved your life. And every little thing that has happened along the road, there’s still going to be some bumps. There’s still going to be all the things, but it’s just the fact that you were willing to make some hard decisions.

You are willing to take some small action steps, and then sure enough, here we are right now. And I think I am just overjoyed at what you’ve accomplished in the last year. I’m so unbelievably proud of you. I’m so excited to call you a friend. I really am really excited for what’s to come for you guys.

And you know, one thing that we didn’t touch on here is that Chad is a former addict as well. And I say that only because I want people to realize that you can make a change. You guys are one percenters that are actually taking the action steps to make a beautiful life that you’ve decided.

And every single day you’re taking the action step in order to do that. And I just am so, so proud of you.

Christina Wyrick: Thank you. 

Christina Lecuyer: You’re welcome.

Christina Wyrick: I love you. 

Christina Lecuyer: I love you too. So just so everyone knows how to find you and to be able to send you a note and say that they resonate with your story as well, where can everyone find you?

Christina Wyrick: Instagram is my place of hiding. I’m just kidding. I love it. I love it so much more than Facebook. @ChristinaNoelWyrick so it’s my full name. I’m there in my stories every day. Right now I’m also doing Cultivating Courage every Sunday on IGTV live. So that’s like my new thing.

So yeah, you can find me there. Follow me, chat with me. I’d love to have you. 

Christina Lecuyer: I’m so thankful. Thank you for coming today. I love you. I adore you. I’m super proud of you and thank you everyone for listening.