Getting Out of The Box: Embracing Self-Discovery and Resilience

In this episode, Barani Shira joins Christina to explore the theme of breaking free from societal limitations and self-imposed boxes. Barani emphasizes that personal growth often involves discomfort, as the boxes others place us in may prioritize their comfort over our own. The narrative delves into the journey of self-discovery, featuring Barani’s realization that her current life circumstances result from her past decisions. This episode is tailored for individuals seeking inspiration to confront challenges and urges listeners to delve deeper into their sense of self.

    Get Out of The Box


    We’re not bound by the limitations that others might impose on us, and the diverse aspects within us defy narrow societal labels like race or religion.


    The boxes others may put us in are oftentimes to make them comfortable even if they cause us discomfort.


    You have the power to establish things as “good” or “bad” in your life, even if other individuals don’t agree, and this includes your family.

    Discovering Who You Are


    Barani recounts a tale of succumbing to the circumstances of her life, only to realize that her present situation was a result of the decisions she either took or neglected.


    Life is about discovering who you are and not who others want you to be.


    Friction in your life may just be the universe pushing you to look deeper into who you are and who you want to be.

    You Will Survive


    In the journey to self-discovery you have two choices: either get uncomfortable with change or get comfortable with the unknown.


    In the valley of whatever you’re currently going through, you must believe and know that you will survive it and live to tell about it.

    Give Yourself Permission


    If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know what to do next, get still and quiet the space around you, and you will tune into your inner knowing that will guide you forward.


    In order to listen to what the universe is telling you, you have to give yourself permission to slow down and take breaks.


    Christina discusses a perspective she has actively cultivated in her daily life: “Everything works out for me.” This doesn’t imply that life is flawless, but rather that every situation unfolds as it should.

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