Getting Clear on What You Actually Want

No one quite knows what you want in life, better than you. In order to get clear on what you actually want you have to start with your own self-discovery. On today’s episode, Life and Business Design Coach, Rob Murgatroyd stops by to walk you through how you can work towards building your dream life and living in alignment with your values.

    A Busy Lifestyle


    After a long and successful career as a Chiropractor, Rob Murgatroyd felt that there was more to be done in his lifetime other than just working within his practice. 


    Many of us spend our lives working, but few of us spend our lives living. 


    After selling his Practice, Rob and his wife moved abroad to Italy for 90 days, and upon their return, they both found that their previous pattern of living a busy lifestyle quickly reemerged. 

    When is Enough, Enough


    When we are living in coordination with our highest values, that is when we are living in true alignment. 


    When is enough, enough? The definition provided by Rob is described as:
    When the work is eroding the bandwidth you have to get to the things you actually want in life. In other words, you become a working machine rather than someone who is living a fulfilled life. 


    The value of enjoying your life in Italian culture has heavily inspired Rob and his wife and has set the tone for how they want to live their own lives. 


    There’s only so much time we are given in our lives, and we have to decide whether we want to use that time to generate more income or generate more experiences. 

    Clarity Proceeds Momentum


    If you want momentum towards anything you want in life, you’ve got to first have clarity. 


    Steps to “getting clear” on your life:
    1. Take time to envision what you want your life to look like

    2. Figure out how much you need to make income-wise in order to fulfill this specific vision


    We tend to have very limiting beliefs that hold us back from what is possible in life. For this reason, it’s important to have someone in your life such as a coach, that pushes things into perspective for you.


    Another exercise to getting clear on what you actually want, is to reflect on what you actually give a shit about and what you don’t. 


    Only you know what you really want. 


      About Rob Murgatroyd:

      Rob Murgatroyd, a Business Expansion & Life Fulfillment Coach on a mission to help high-performing professionals and entrepreneurs attain incredible success in their businesses while nailing that work-life balance.

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