From People-Pleaser to Powerhouse: A Journey of Resilience and Transformation

In this deeply moving episode, our guest Angie Zinkus shares her powerful journey from being a chronic people-pleaser to a confident leader. She reveals the pivotal moments that ignited her personal growth, such as facing harsh criticism and attending a life-changing retreat. Through candid storytelling, Angie explains how these experiences led to significant self-reflection and a profound shift in mindset.

Gain valuable insights into overcoming people-pleasing tendencies, managing grief, and turning setbacks into stepping stones for resilience.

    About Angie Zinkus:

    Angie is a dedicated Veterinarian based in Memphis, TN, holding Veterinary Licenses in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. She serves as the Medical Director at Germantown Parkway Animal Hospital in Cordova, TN, and Arkansas Veterinary and Emergency Specialists in Little Rock, AR. Additionally, Angie is the Regional Medical Advisor for 20 hospitals across Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. She is a member of the Tennessee State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners and the Official Veterinarian for the Memphis Grizzlies NBA basketball team.

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    Show Notes for From People-Pleaser to Powerhouse: A Journey of Resilience and Transformation:

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