Stepping Into a Financial Freedom Mindset

Are you ready to learn how to step into a financial freedom mindset? So often we think becoming financially savvy means only focusing on our money, but we forget so much of our success depends on one other thing: us. It’s time we start stepping into our authentic selves and see how our mindset plays a huge role in our success. Because when you understand where your money is actually going, and how to confidently handle it, that’s when the real fun starts.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Steps to repairing your self perception & confidence
  • The main reasons women avoid finances 
  • 4 Steps to begin the path towards a financial freedom mindset

Relationship with Self


After deciding to leave a career in the Tech industry, Nicole grew a passion to help educate and empower women on how to manage and invest their money.


At times we can struggle to perceive ourselves in the same positive light other’s view us in. A large part of stepping into your authentic self is working through your mindset and re-wiring the way you think of yourself.


Nicole shares the steps she took to finally gain momentum in her goals. From asking for help, to leaving sticky notes of encouragement around the house, these small steps helped keep her going.

Stepping Into The Financial Freedom Mindset


Starting out in investing, or even analyzing your finances, can be intimidating for so many women. But it’s time that women understand that there are resources available to help simplify and educate them.


Steps to begin the shift towards a financial freedom mindset:

  1. Evaluate how much income you’re bringing in
  2. Investiage how much it would cost to live your “dream life”
  3. Assess what you’re making verses what you’re currently spending money on
  4. Find how you can start spending that supports your vision


Becoming more financially savvy does not mean getting rid of a bunch of things that bring you joy in life. But it’s about allocating your money and making decisions on where your money is actually going.

Investing 101


When it comes to a financial freedom mindset, the first step is to realize that you are in control. And through education and understanding you can begin to make aligned investments with your money.


When starting out with investing it’s important to invest what you would feel comfortable with losing.


The amount you begin investing with does not matter. What does matter is that you invest SOMETHING. And allowing your small investment to grow over time.

About Nicole Lee:

Nicole Lee was a young (21) stay at home mom turned tech founder and investor. A sought after People and Culture Strategist for the Tech industry, she has spent the last 20 years of her career working in a male dominated industry. She has not only had the opportunity to sit at the executive table, but also mentor and pave the way for many women in the industry.

Nicole turned her passion for women to succeed into a thriving coaching practise, where she connects with ambitious women who are ready for more in life, career, and wealth.


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