Starting Entrepreneurial Journey From Scratch

Introducing Tiffany Hill: From starting as a home baker to becoming a renowned online baking instructor, she inspires and leads others to pursue their entrepreneurial baking aspirations, all from scratch!

    Meet Tiffany Hill


    Meet Tiffany Hill: From home baker to online baking instructor, she now inspires and teaches others to pursue their love for baking.


    Tiffany’s company, The Pink Crumbb, hosts an online community of more than 6k members who have together finished over 40k baking courses. 

    Entrepreneurial Journey From Scratch


    The Pink Crumbb is crafted not just for home bakers, but for anyone eager to learn the ins and outs of baking from scratch. With its affordable entry price, it ensures accessibility to all enthusiasts.


    Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey from scratch can seem overwhelming. Yet, when you’re crafting something that truly resonates with you, success is the only destination.


    Adding layers to your business as you go will allow you to provide multiple different offers for multiple different needs. 

    Confidence Is A Layered Cake


    After witnessing her own daughter start her business from scratch, it gave Tiffany the courage to start her own business that not only tied in her love of baking but taught others the craft as well. 


    The more you put yourself and your services out there, the more confidence you will build as an entrepreneur. 


    Confidence is much like a layered cake, built over time and through patience. 


    A Slice of Humble Pie


    In entrepreneurship, you learn and become more humble through trying new things. Some that work, and some that don’t. But it’s all about learning. 


    Much of what can learn from an experience that didn’t work out so well, is often so that we can take our newfound knowledge and teach it to others. 

      About Tiffany Hill:

      Tiffany Hill is a prior educator turned full-time home baker who is passionate about ensuring home bakers keep their profits in their pockets (i.e. aren’t paying for expensive courses to learn how to operate their business).

      After encountering many initial challenges within her own business, she’s on a mission to ensure everything she’s learned is shared with as many other bakers as possible through her company The Pink Crumbb. 

      • Learn more about Tiffany and The Pink Crumbb by visiting their website.

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