Embracing Imperfect Action on the Path to Your Purpose

Embark on a transformative journey exploring the impact of imperfect action with entrepreneur and coach Laura Benson. In this episode, Laura and Christina delve into the profound significance of pursuing one’s God-given purpose and the intricate skill of decision-making. From navigating the iterative process of product development to the empowering realization that embracing imperfections can pave the way to success, the narrative seamlessly weaves together wisdom and practical guidance.

    Imperfect Action 


    Developing a product or something new requires navigating through several iterations before arriving at the final version.


    The only secret sauce to starting a successful business is taking imperfect action. 


    Turn mistakes into opportunities for learning rather than dwelling on them, and use those lessons to make better choices.

    God-given Purpose


    While pursuing the desires of your heart, God allows you to grow and transform, emphasizing the significance of the person you become through those choices.


    When you are in your God-given purpose, you radiate and others take notice. 


    Each individual possesses a unique gift to contribute to the world; the key lies in uncovering that purpose and pursuing it.

    The Muscle of Decision-Making 


    Making decisions is a muscle, and the more decisions you make the easier it will become to trust yourself with what to do next. 


    Difficulty in decision-making may stem from past experiences involving overbearing individuals or criticism directed at decisions you’ve made in the past.

    Fueled By Passion


    Laura launched one of her initial ventures, an online boutique, fueled by her passion for western clothing and a recognition of the demand from others who share the same fashion preferences.


    Even if you don’t know what you’re doing, just start. Everything else in business you will learn along the way. 


    Speak directly to your audience and you will gain authentic clientele. 

      About Laura Benson:

      Laura is a born and raised South Dakota farm girl who became an entrepreneur at a very young age. Over the last decade, Laura has spent the majority of her time building her online boutique – Shop Filly Flair – into an 8-figure a-year business while simultaneously raising kids on the farm with her husband.

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