Embracing Authenticity: A Leader’s Guide to Impact

In this episode, join Christina as she sits down with leader, teacher and entrepreneur Gerado Segat. Delve into the essence of impactful leadership, where embracing authenticity meets outward influence, guiding listeners towards a path of clarity and purpose.

    Fulfillment in Success


    Navigating adversity from a young age, shouldering responsibilities as a provider for his family, and enduring the loss of his mother, Gerardo found much of his education from sources like school, television, and other media.


    Inheriting his father’s entrepreneurial spirit, Gerardo was driven by a desire for fulfillment in success, yet his perception of success was heavily influenced by the accumulation of wealth and social status.


    Reaching the summit of your aspirations is commendable, but if the achievement fails to bring fulfillment, the journey may ultimately feel hollow.

    Embracing Authenticity in Leadership 


    As Gerardo delved into entrepreneurship, he realized discontentment with his leadership style. Reflecting on his actions as a leader and business owner, he sought to uncover the underlying fears driving his behavior.

    1. Being meaningless or doing something with no meaning
    2. Ending up alone
    3. Having to depend on something or someone
    4. Uncertainty 


    Promote humanity within leaders and organizations, fostering an environment where leaders feel empowered to be authentic, shedding their facades and embracing their true selves.


    Lead by example, vulnerability is contagious. If your team can sense you opening up, they in turn will find it much easier to do the same. 


    Leaders yearn for environments where they can express their true selves without inhibition. However, it falls upon them to cultivate such spaces within their organizations.

    The Guide to Impact


    To become an effective leader, you must first assess and identify the impact you want to leave on the world. 


    If you step into your authenticity and connect with your inner being, you will always be able to navigate difficult situations as they present themselves to you in leadership.


    As you lean into your intuition as a leader, this inner knowing will become more clear to you over time. 

      About Gerardo Segat:

      In his extensive 20-year tenure within the family office industry, Gerardo has held prominent roles as CEO, chairman, and entrepreneur before transitioning in 2016 to become a certified coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Since 2017, Gerardo has dedicated himself to leadership coaching with a focus on humanizing leaders and organizations, leveraging his decade-long membership with YPO to found and chair two chapters. A proponent of experiential learning, Gerardo has innovated various programs, including corporate coaching, executive debate formats, and interviews. His latest venture, “Out As Humans,” a performing arts show, showcases his commitment to creativity. Outside of work, Gerardo finds solace in heli-skiing and deejaying, embodying a harmonious balance of solitude and celebration, risk and rhythm, nature, and human connection.

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