Defying the Odds to Build a Thriving Business

In this inspiring episode, listeners are taken on a journey through the remarkable entrepreneurial story of Erica Fontes, a single mother of five who defied the odds to build a thriving housing business. From facing financial struggles and personal challenges to leveraging her resourcefulness and resilience, Erica shares her raw and candid experiences of starting from scratch and scaling her company to a multi-seven figure business.

    Transition to Motherhood


    Erica reflects on her experience of dropping out of school and becoming a teen mother.


    In 2018, with five children Erica was motivated more than ever to take care of her children and make a transition in her life.


    When you follow the internal voice that tells you there’s more out there for you in life, tune into that voice and follow it.


    Leaning on your faith uncertain transitions can become the beacon of hope to guide you through.

    Defying the Odds to Build a Thriving Business


    Through hardships, we find a resilience and a willingness to step out of our comfort zone.


    With humble beginnings and learning as she went, Erica was able to gain momentum in starting her business.


    In defying the odds backed against her, Erica was able to build a thriving business from the ground up. Relying on referrals and putting herself out there were the cornerstones for her start.

    Establishing Credibility


    Effective marketing and branding is paramount in attracting clients and establishing credibility in your industry.


    You will be surprised how much you can get your name and business out there by taking action, networking and a willingness to get scrappy.


    In order to thrive, you have to have faith in your abilities and services you’re offering when establishing relationships. And what is meant for you will work for you not against you.


    You can defy the odds of everything you’ve been through in order to not only success but thrive.

    Scaling a Thriving Business


    If you win all of the time in business you’re not learning essential parts of entrepreneurship.


    Reframe a hardship in business to ask the question “What is this teaching me?”


    In order to scale a thriving business you must establish procedures and document processes in order for transitions to happen seamlessly.

      About Erica Fontes:

      Erica Fontes is the founder of Travelers Corporate Housing, renowned for transforming the corporate housing market with her innovative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction. Her strategic leadership has propelled her company to the forefront of the industry, offering top-tier temporary housing solutions.

      • Learn more about Erica and her business at her website
      • Connect with Erica on LinkedIn

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