Deciding It’s Time to Make A Change

Dive into the necessity of deciding to make a change, overcoming excuses, and how accountability is key to progress. Unpack the transformative approach to money mindset and the pivotal role a coach plays in keeping you committed to your goals.

    The Excuses You Make


    We all need someone in our life to hold us accountable to our goals. 


    When it comes to making a change in our lives, we usually will try and convince ourselves out of doing the work required to get there. 


    The excuses you make, are the reason you’re not making any progress. 

    Deciding It’s Time to Make A Change


    There’s boundless amounts of money and opportunities in this world, it’s just up to you to decide it’s time to go get it. 


    In order to break your mindset barriers towards money, you must work on your money-mindset and reprogram your brain to think about money differently. 


    The job of a coach is to keep you accountable, and continually remind you of the decision you have made towards a better life for yourself. 


    Surround yourself with those who want to help push you across the finish line to your dream life and business. 

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