Creating a Million Dollar Biz with Cat Golden

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Cat Golden, founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses, joins Christina this week to talk about her decision to leave nursing to help nurses directly. Learn how Cat brings love and energy to her business and how she embraces doing things a little differently. 

Christina Lecuyer’s Bio:

Christina Lecuyer is a former Professional Golfer, a three-time reality television competitor, Confidence + Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Women with C.L.A.S.S. Mastermind, as well as Decide It’s Your Turn: Women’s Weekend. Christina’s mission in life is to empower people to fully live in their purpose, confidently and successfully! 

Cat Golden’s Bio:

Cat Golden, a self love advocate, is the founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses, a movement to help nurses help themselves and each other as a community. Cat was able to build Nurses Inspire Nurses into a seven figure business in under two years. She is a pediatric nurse by trade who is obsessed with growth, learning and helping other nurses feel better. 

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Full Episode Transcript with Cat Golden: 

Christina: Y’all, I’m so excited for today’s guest. This woman I have known for the last few years, and I was just telling her before we pushed record, I just look at her and I almost cry every single time because she is a person who has literally accomplished so much and made such an impact in this world over the last few years.

And yet she’s exactly the same human that I met a few years ago when we were in Los Angeles doing a mastermind together and I’m just so fucking proud of you and what you’ve accomplished in this world. 

This is my girlfriend, Cat Golden. She is the founder of Nurses Inspire Nurses and the woman who takes massive action to make an impact in this world.

And I’m so excited you’re here today. 

Cat: Thanks for having me!

Christina: Seriously. I just, I adore you. I was just telling you before, obviously, this podcast is called Decide It’s Your Turn and it’s for people to understand that they get to make a decision and you have made decision over decision over decision in the last few years in doing what you do to impact this world and the nursing world in particular.

You talk about all the time how basically action trumps everything and you have taken some massive, massive action. So before we kind of dive into that, I’d love for you to kind of give everyone your rendition of who you are and what you do and in your own words, you have literally hit the jackpot of life and now everything else is just gravy.

Cat: Well, when you say it like that! No, I’m Cat Golden and I think I’m just someone that likes to have a good time and elevate every experience. I believe anything is possible. And I was a nurse that wanted more and I’ve always been a hustler since I’ve been a little girl, I’ve worked hard for everything I’ve had.

And I think really growing up, my parents always encouraged us to try things. And so I tried a lot of things in my life. I’m talking basic things. My parents were like, “You don’t have to like piano, but like you have to try it.” Or I remember ice skating there. My mom’s like, “You’re gonna fall down.

It’s fine. You just have to try it.” 

And I think it was a gift because it allowed me to not have judgment on myself and just really be open to trying things. And so working as a nurse, I had been on my own mindset journey after I had gotten divorced and life really didn’t go how I planned. And I just looked around at my coworkers, and thought, “You guys are so awesome. Why are you so sad?” 

And I was like 30, 31 and we have so many years left to work. I’m not going to live like this for the next, however many years, I’m here working like this and it’s terrible. And so I just wanted to do things to make our work environment better. And that’s just a natural part of who I am.

I love making any experience better. Energy is my superpower. And so I was like, cool, we’re going to have a great time. And everyone’s like, no, this is not a great time. 

I’ll never forget, even one of my coworkers that I was friends with, everyone was asking her, “Is Cat for real? Is she really like this?”

And my friend Emily was like, “Yes, she’s actually like, cause they thought I was just, I don’t know, bullshitting or something. And she’s like, “No, she’s like this all the time.” 

So yeah. I didn’t intend to start a business and I think that’s the most beautiful part. I just saw a need.

I just acted out of what was natural for me and my own skill set and I wasn’t trying to do anything. I just genuinely wanted to help my coworkers.

Christina: Yeah, I love that so much. So for people who don’t know, you were a nurse in the nursing community, which I didn’t know, if you’re outside of the nursing community, it’s not a known thing that nurses have – I guess I just never really thought of it until I met you about nurses, having a really tough go and not being treated the way that they deserve to be treated.

And a lot of them really not liking what they do, going to work dreading it. And so you knew, you told me, you said, “I knew that the hospitals weren’t really going to change. So how do I change or how do I help change the nurses world?” And that’s kind of how Nurses Inspire Nurses came about, but I’d love for you to kind of talk about the beginning journey of that.

And a decision, what decision did you have to make followed by a whole bunch of faith and action? I always say, what decision did you have to make in order to change what you were a part of? 

Cat: There’s two, I guess, big decisions.

The first one was that I was going to be vulnerable and open up about what I observed and what I myself was feeling. So I think nurses are helpers and they get a ton of joy from helping other people, but they’re the last ones to ever ask for help and they’re sacrificing their own happiness all the time.

And so I’ll just never forget one day. It was like when you just know something inside and then it just kind of word vomits out. I was just like, this is messed up. I couldn’t not say anything anymore. And I was like, I’m going to start doing something about it.

I mean, if you know me for five minutes, I’m never going to just talk about something like I’m going to do something about it. So I was like, I’m going to start offering support for us because I knew that there was hope and everyone was waiting on someone else to help them feel better.

When the next schedule comes out, I’ll feel better. When X, Y, and Z. And I’m just like, honestly, fuck that. Why are we waiting on someone else for our own happiness? I’m never going to do that personally, that’s not going to work for me. So, I was like, I’m going to do something about it.

And once I opened, once I made a decision to say something, it was like, I gave everyone else permission to say something. It was like nobody was talking about it. They were like, “You feel that way too?” I’m like, Yes. We all feel that way. We are taking care of dying kids that is hard.

When people verbally abuse you, or I mean, this is like working in downtown Detroit, whatever you’re picturing in your mind, that’s accurate of how it was. I mean, this was stuff that you would never even see on a TV show. It was the most exciting, insane experience in my life.

I’m like, yes, this shit is very hard and it’s okay to say it’s hard. So let’s support each other and do something about it. And then once I made that decision to say something, it was like therapy hour with Cat, like I couldn’t even work. I was like, guys, I have to go hang my meds. I realized it was not the environment at work to talk about these things.

So I decided to host a coffee talk, which is just a meetup. I had the idea from other bloggers I had seen. Gabby Bernstein talked about going to the library and just speaking before she became a speaker and I knew I wanted to help my coworkers but I had no experience mentoring or speaking or anything.

So I was like, I got to get in person and do it and practice and see if I could even really help them. Although I knew inside, I felt that I could, I didn’t have practice doing it. And so I decided to host these coffee talks and nobody came to my first one and that was fine. I just took a picture and I was like, next copy doc.

Christina: Okay. That is one of the most defining things or one of the most historical things that you say, because so many of us – I’ve used that example a thousand times with my clients. You have the willingness to say, “Yeah, I said, I was going to do this thing. I went into this thing, not one person showed up.”

Well, you didn’t fucking quit. And that’s where like 90% of people go wrong. 90% of people go wrong. My very first mastermind, I paid like 18, $19,000 to figure out how to do it. And I only had six people show up the very first time and I could have thought, “Oh, I’m a loser. I probably shouldn’t do this again.”

You know what? We’re on our fifth or sixth one now and we’ve sold out. I couldn’t have quit the first time if one person wouldn’t have done it. And that’s exactly what you did. And now a coffee talk where not one fucking human showed up has now turned into a multi-million dollar industry that is serving globally nurses and people way beyond the nursing, because that’s where I just think about sometimes what you’ve done.

Yeah. You help nurses specifically, but then the families and then those people, the nurses showing up are showing up differently to their patients. You have just created a ripple effect in this world and it all started with a “failed” coffee talk. Can you imagine?

Cat: Thank you! It sounds so good when you say it like that! Wow. 

Christina: Fuck yes, it’s amazing. A failed coffee talk. 

Cat: I’m going to re-listen to this when I need to, when I need a pump-up in my ear from Christina. Wow! Thanks! 

Christina: Something that I think that you continuously do all the time is like you said, your energy is your superpower.

And a lot of people, every single person on this planet, I see it all day long. Every single person on this planet has a purpose. And that purpose may be to impact the world or to impact one person. But we all have a gift and your gift is energy. So I know that there’s people out there listening right now who are going well, energy. What the fuck is that? Like, how is that even a gift? How do I create something out of that? You know what? You took action and you give people hope, you give people energy, you inspire people. I watch your Instagram stories, which by the way, guys go follow Cat and Nurses Inspire Nurses, all of the handles are in the show notes.

Follow her. I follow her. Cat, what is it? @CatGolden.Inspires now? 

Cat: Yeah, it used to be Nurses Inspire Nurses, but we have that account too. If you’re a nurse, go to that account.

Christina: You’re all over the world. You’re all over the place. But one thing – I watch your stories and it’s not only about nursing. You guys, you could give two flying fucks about nursing in order to follow Cat and be inspired to be a better fucking human on this planet.

I watched one of your stories the other day, and you had gone out of your way to buy coffee holders for your team who you now have. How many employees do you have now? 

Cat: Eight employees. There’s nine of us.

Christina: Eight people now, I literally, this is just amazing to me.

I’m just so fucking excited for you. But you know, you bought these coffee holders and you wrote a kind word about every single person on the coffee holder and gave your team this coffee. 

And you were talking about how if no one else is going to do it, you can do it for yourself. And just little things like that, that you are making this world a better place, a place that more people want to be more joyful and energized and happy and something that I think that you hit on so, so well is the fact that there is not one level that’s going to make you happy. 

You are truly a happy person, whether you were literally making $30,000 a year broke as a fucking joke, just recently divorced versus where you’re at right now. Do you want to talk a little bit about that? 

Cat: Yeah. I actually want to go back to one thing that you had said about energy, because I actually think this is really important.

So, it kind of all ties together. I think energy can be a very vague thing and it’s so interesting. So I got divorced, it’s going to be almost eight years, and I mean, if you would’ve known me back then, I’m just literally a completely different person. I wasn’t in tune with my emotions.

I wasn’t in tune with energy, anything like that. And it’s very fascinating over time as I worked on myself, as you’ve done the same and just changed and grown and all of that, but I think a really simple way to put it and I do business very differently. I do things really, really differently, and I feel great about that.

And I’m so crazy about who I take advice from or follow and all those things. And someone that I really admire that is very successful is Suzy Batiz, who started at Poo Pourri, which I’m sure we all know, like poop spray, this lady has like a nine figure business on poop spray. Like, okay, let’s talk about that.

It’s crazy. So I did a course of hers last year and she talks about energy so beautifully. And I think this is a really good way to think about it. 

So she basically talks about ideas and things being alive and chasing alive ideas. And so I have nothing in my life that I dread. Now, that doesn’t mean that every single day I love doing every single task, but I have set up in my life in a way to take in time that I feel very alive.

And so just a quick little thing about energy that can help you understand. She talks about resonance and dissonance, and I learned this from her. So this is not an original idea. I’m just repeating what Suzy taught me, but it’s very important because when you’re resonant with an idea, like what Nurses Inspire Nurses is to me, it basically means one plus one equals three or more.

It’s not even one plus one equals two. It’s that one plus one equals three or more. So I’m actually stronger with Nurses Inspire Nurses than I am without. She’s alive to me. It can be an idea, a person, a thing like our phones, everything, this chair, it used to be an idea. Right. It was intangible. This shirt used to be an idea.

Now it is alive and it’s real. So yeah. That’s when things are resonant. 

When things are dissonant, we all have experienced this too. One plus one is less than one. We’ve all had those people in our life that literally suck our energy out. We cannot explain it. Maybe it’s a job. I can guarantee every single person knows what that’s like, and you can’t even explain it, right.

It’s just energy, it’s dissonant. It is not alive to you. So, if you are going to a job every day, if you are in a relationship, if you are doing all these things that are dissonant and that are sucking your energy, you are not going to be able to decide, you are not going to be able to live in your purpose.

Does that make sense? So I think about things being alive, I go towards things that light me up and it sounds like it can be a little woo and weird, but think about it. Like why would you choose to stay in things that are literally sucking the life out of you? It doesn’t make sense. 

Christina: It makes so much sense, right? Think about relationships, even just people who you surround yourself with, right? There are people that you get off a phone call with. You go for a walk with them, you go for a drink with them. You are literally vibrating when you leave. 

And then there’s people that you literally, before you go, you feel sick about it. I always try to think to myself, if this is a way that I kind of handle things now I remember this actually happened to me about three or four years ago. I was in Los Angeles and I remember I was asked to go do something and then it was almost like, Oh fuck, I really don’t want to do this. I know I shouldn’t do this. I don’t have time to do this. And then it canceled and I felt, Oh my God, this is such a relief. And I felt so calm after that. 

So I said, why the fuck did it take that canceling for me to think about that? So now my whole thing is if this person canceled on me, will I be excited about it or would I be like, yeah, that’s good.

It’s just the defining factor. If I would literally be happier if that appointment or call or whatever it is canceled, then it doesn’t need to be in alignment. And I actually think about that when I’m high, like taking on new clients, I do a lot of one-on-one coaching and you know, I always think to myself, if there is ever a time that I think, Oh gosh, I’m dreading a call with a client. Then my number one thing is I’m not the right person for that person and I have a responsibility not to take that person on. 

Cat: Yeah, cause it’s not really resonant, so it’s not going to go well. 

Christina: Yeah, exactly. Oh my God. I love that. Thank you.

I want people to always get takeaways from this, I don’t always want them to be inspired, but I want them to literally get takeaways. And so I love that you talked about that. What else were we talking about before that, we went back to the dissonance and now I’m like all absorbed with it. I fucking love it. 

Cat: I can’t remember, but just something about energy and I always think about that because even in life or business or anything, now there’s points where I don’t do a lot of things that people say you should do or follow these normal paths because it’s just not resonant to me.

And I have confidence now and knowing that it can work a different way. And so, I don’t know. I’ve just never been sorry for taking a chance on an alive idea or something that excites me because even if it doesn’t work out, you’re going to get a lesson. So, Hmm. There’s just nothing to lose. I think because I kind of did lose everything that I have an advantage in that I know I’ll be okay. Right. Cause even like I can call my brain and be like, hey. I’ll be fine, you know?

Christina: A hundred percent. I believe that to be true too. I always say, your pain’s for your purpose, right? And most of the time when people hit like “a rock bottom”, you’re rock bottom looked divorced and broken. Not sure what you’re going to do. 

Mine looked like ironing in a bedroom at fucking two o’clock in the afternoon after failing Q school and having an eating disorder and hating my life. It doesn’t matter what your rock bottom is, but when you know that you’ve kind of hit this moment in time where you’re like, okay, what’s the worst thing that can happen?

I know I have so much experience from what I’ve been able to do at this point in time. I know if the world fucking collapsed, I know that I would fucking rock it as a McDonald’s manager. I know that I fucking would, I’d be like, damn bitch. They are going to be paying me the highest paid McDonald’s manager fucking ever, because that’s just how I’ll show up every day.

You know what I mean? And I think that same thing is true for you. One thing that you have done so well over the years is do things your own way. I kind of started this podcast like this. One thing that I have looked to you with such admiration for is the fact that you have done things so your own way, you don’t get caught up in the hoopla. You don’t get caught up in who you’re connecting with or talking about, or you love your team so deeply. I don’t know any one of them and yet I’m like, I probably know Sarah’s name and like your whole entire team who you just have love and adoration for and treat so kindly and go out of your way to pump them up just as much as the brand itself.

So how do you stay so level-headed? How do you stay out of all of the Bullshit online where people are just pretending to be something that they’re not, or gloating about what they’ve done. We said this in the beginning of the podcast, I never ever fucking want to lose my integrity.

And that’s something that you will never do. I just know that about you. He was a human, 

Cat: I think because I’m so clear on what I’m here to do. And so I kind of learned this from Zappos, but, one, I don’t take advice from people I wouldn’t trade places with. So there’s many people I just look at. I’m like you do you, boo.

I would never trade places with you so that doesn’t even apply to me. I think two, the culture equals our brand. So there was this moment, I used to have a blog with my best friend. I lived in Colorado for almost 10 years and I’ll never forget. I met a blogger that I really admired and I wanted to learn from. I thought she was so cool and she was just completely different in person.

And this was like so long ago, this was seven, eight years ago. There were not even Instagram stories. This was a whole different time and it was devastating to me. I was really disappointed. It sounds kind of naive now, but I knew that I would never be that person and my business is so public and is so forward facing.

And I know that if the only thing I did is just stay true to myself, when people come to our events and when they meet me, they literally are like, Oh, you’re exactly what I would expect. And nothing about anything we do is private. I have nothing to hide. I let people come and look all around my warehouse.

I live in such integrity, that’s how I keep my energy high, because it’s exhausting being someone different. It’s exhausting worrying about what other people think. It’s exhausting to consume. I don’t give a fuck what anyone else is doing because nobody’s doing what I’m doing so how are they going to tell me how to do it?

It doesn’t make sense to me. And I think our brains want X, Y, and Z some path to follow. If you’re looking for some template of some path to follow, it’s just a copy so it’s not going to work.

Christina: No, I love it so much. Nathan and I were on a walk a couple of weeks ago and someone said something on a podcast and I pushed pause. 

And I was like, Holy fuck. I knew this inside of me. I was like, I know forever and ever, amen, I will be successful because I will always have my integrity, I will always make it right. I will always be able to be exactly what you said. Like when people meet me, they’re like, Oh my God, you’re exactly the same idiot as you are online.

I’m like, yeah! Fuck, it would be so fucking hard to be fake. But you and I now know – 

Cat: Many people are! 

Christina: Oh, God it’s fucking insanity, but all that to be said, it doesn’t really matter if you know, you’re staying in your own lane. How would you help someone listening to this who doesn’t have the clarity of what it is that you do and what you’re so passionate about and why you can stay so in your lane with integrity, what would you tell someone who is trying to grasp for straws at what their thing is?

Cat: And I already going to say, they’re just on their phone too damn much. They’re asking everyone else. If you get quiet and sit in your bathtub by yourself and just let the water run on you, you will know.

I’m sorry. It’s not even rocket science, I’m not trying to over simplify, but honestly I kind of am. Look at how much you’re on your damn phone. It’s just the honest to God truth. 

Christina: I love it. 

Cat: I’m off my phone now more than ever because I’m in a fucking vortex and I don’t want anyone to fuck with me.

I closed the business. I’ve never closed in my life. I actively take long periods off social now. I don’t ever check my phone in the morning ever. My team, we’re not even, I have a schedule for them of who’s running our Nurses accounts. I’m so crazy about it.

And people are just like listening to too many podcasts. As they’re listening to this, maybe it will inspire you to do something. 

If you’re consuming too much though, and not taking action and integrating, and we’re on our phones so much, you’ve got to get off your fucking phone.

Christina: No, I totally agree with that. Someone asked me the other day, they said, what’s the latest book that you’ve read. And I was like, Fuck. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read a self-development book in a couple years probably. I read a sales book that I really liked. I read a biography that I really liked over our Christmas break.

But I think the difference between, especially the people I’ve seen in my masterminds and things like that, and I’m sure you’ve seen this time and time again in your mentorship program, the people who had the greatest amount of success are the people who are consuming the least and acting the most.

You can learn from fucking Tony Robbins, fucking the highest paid motivational person on the planet and I think that you would probably agree with this, in the beginning there’s a season for that, but if you stay in that season, all you’ll be doing is fucking filling your brain with everyone else’s ideas and not moving the needle forward with your own.

Cat: Yeah. I think it’s important to know our brain is getting that hit of dopamine. Your brain doesn’t know the difference of reading and being inspired or listening to this podcast and going out and taking action. It’s still a hit of dopamine. 

And I think that that’s like very important because it’s science. So you need to actually go out and do something. 

It’s why watching a movie about some athlete or something makes us feel so great. And we’re like, Oh my gosh. But like, we didn’t burn a calorie sitting her ass on the couch, you know? Like, you’re like, Oh my gosh, I should go work out. I feel so inspired. Yeah. I’m sure you do cause your brain got that hit of dopamine.

Christina: That’s a great way of thinking about it because a lot of people don’t realize that. Right. It’s exactly the thing. And that’s why you want to jump off the couch and go work out. We’ll fucking, just go work out. Same thing.

What would you say right now are the things that you’re working on that are honestly the most important to you right now? Like what is filling your life on the daily rate at this moment? 

Cat: I want to always be the most giving person I know and this is how I’ve had clarity since I do things differently.

The things I do make no business sense. They don’t make sense, monetarily. They don’t make sense logically, but they make sense for our business. It’s taken me kind of a minute to stand in my power in that. So I’m just wanting to give back to my community as much as I possibly can. And I just had this vision of this open channel and I think there’s all the abundance in the universe waiting for us.

It’s just how much I can expand and open up to receive it. And as long as I’m giving and the channels open, it will be great. And I don’t do it perfectly. It’s easy at times to get distracted. We have a shop I’m literally going to go down in history as selling the most basic design you’ve ever seen, because we’re not a cool boutique.

That’s not the point. It’s about the community. And it’s so easy for me because I love style. I love fashion. I want to go off in la la land and I’m like, nope, Cat. Reign it in. Come back. That’s not it. 

I get so many ideas and I want to do all these things. It doesn’t matter, we’re community first and as long as I am giving to my community, we will never have a problem.

So that’s what I’m focused on.

Christina: One thing that you say all the time is we are human first and we are nurses second. 

Cat: Yep. 

Christina: And I mean, I think how many industries do you know that they put who they are before being a human being? 

Cat: Yeah. Same with my team, that’s like how we lead our team. Like we show up in our humanness always, and we always show up for each other.

So there are times where people have things going on or they don’t want to come to work and it is expected that someone else will fill in for you, always. I actually did away with PTO this year because one of our values is to act like an owner. So we’re not going to have PTO because you should know when you need a break, when you don’t. 

Christina: Hmm. 

Cat: So you’re always going to get paid and find someone to cover your shift if you don’t feel good. 

Christina: Yeah. 

Cat: Sometimes I feel like that, too. I’m like, I don’t want any emails going out if you feel that way. I don’t want anything being posted on social media if you’re not feeling great. So that’s your journey to know that we cannot tell our community to embrace their humanness if we are not going to live that out every single day.

Christina: I love that. That’s what the most successful people in the world do. Right? And the fucking happiest humans too, right? I think that that’s so fucking important. I see you all the time literally, truly doing things that make you happy.

And so many people think that you can’t actually do that. You are the hardest worker, but you also do have that amazing balance in your life. Tell us, and this is maybe just a selfish question. What are the things that you absolutely love doing that fill your soul? 

Cat: So this that’s a good question because I get asked that a lot, but I think the missing piece to that question, what shifted it for me, is that everything is a feeling to me, literally every single thing. I think about how every single thing makes me feel. And I used to never be that way because I don’t know why, honestly, I don’t know why, so I’m not even gonna worry about that, but I know that everything changed for me when I started to think about how I want to feel.

So I think about how I wanna feel. I think about how I want my employees to feel. I think about how we want our customers to feel. It drives everything I do. I have this coffee mug that says queen. I do not have one coffee mug that doesn’t make me feel like a million bucks for whatever reason. I look at this and I’m like, fuck yeah, I’m a queen because that makes me feel great. 

I have blue nails because I love the color of blue and I don’t like to not have my nails done. And these nails make me feel great. I don’t know. I have a snakeskin road because I love animal print and this rug makes me feel great.

I feel like this is my magic carpet over here. I make shit up. I really do. It just makes me feel great. So that’s how I stay in good energy and do things that make me happy because I’m thinking about how things are going to make me feel. Does that make sense? It’s why I get dressed up to go to my warehouse because that’s gonna make me feel really great.

It’s why I want to order us lunch or right on coffee sleeves, because I’m like, my employees are here working on a Saturday and I want everyone that comes to my warehouse for this event to feel great. So if I need them to feel great, then I need my employees to feel great. So how am I going to get my employees to feel great, which we already have this environment anyways, but I’m corny as fuck.

I’m going to get us matching masks. Let’s all dress in a theme, I told everyone what to wear. They know that everything is going to be a vibe because I am literally getting them in the feeling. So I already know that I’m going to text them in the morning and be like, I’m buying everyone coffee and breakfast.

I already know that I’m going to write on their coffee sleeve. You know what I’m saying? I’m thinking about how every single interaction and how I want to feel and then how that’s going to translate. You know what I mean? 

Christina: No, a hundred percent. I think that there’s people out there now listening to this and are being like, Oh my freaking God, I am going to change the way I look. I’m going to write something on a coffee mug. 

One thing that I think I’m pretty good at is being very intentional, with blessing others, whether it be with a comment or buying some coffee or sending even, I do it quite often, just even my clients, I know they’ll have a bad day or something like that. I’ll send them 25 bucks to go do something. You know what I mean? Or their daughter, buy their daughter a toy or something like that, right? 

Because I do believe that I feel honestly so blessed that this is the life that I have created and I want to use my life as a blessing. Every single day I write in my five minute journal, I live a blessed life blessing others. That is literally something that I think that if every one of us could live in the intention of being a blessing to others. 

So you haven’t used the word intention. Yours is blessing, but you are blessing people with your energy. You are a blessing, the situation and what you get to do. 

Cat: But I also think about myself too, I’m trying to have a vibe home alone that no one’s ever going to know about, that’s never going to get posted on Instagram. You know what I’m saying?

Christina: Oh, fuck yeah. A hundred percent.

Cat: That’s what I think people don’t think about. Even if you’re just doing it for yourself, your life will increase exponentially, if you’re just focused on your own happiness. It will just naturally spill out.

Christina: Well, yeah. I think so too. 

Cat: Because how can you bless others if you’re not even happy? Do you know what I’m saying? 

Christina: Totally. Absolutely. And I think that I want to show up as the best version of myself because when I’m happy, everything’s better. 

Cat: Yeah. Everything’s better. 

Christina: And yeah, for sure. I definitely use social media as a tool in my business, but people know 90% of my life probably, but there’s 10% behind the scenes that I’m more than fucking happy to…it was snow day here in Arkansas. My husband comes home at five o’clock, which he NEVER has come home at five o’clock in his whole entire life.

We had fucking wine and charcuterie board on a fucking Monday at five o’clock. That makes me so fucking happy. What in the world, right? Yeah. What is the one thing, probably not one thing, but in the next couple of years, what is something that you want personally, as well as professionally?

Cat: I mean, personally, I want to be in a relationship. I want to spend my life with someone, the right person, not just anybody.

Christina: I’m going to that as much as we’ve learned about you here today, there’s no settling that will happen. 

Cat: No, and I would never do that. I think it’s a little bit hard. It’s a little bit hard because it’s hard to match the energy that I have, I’m just going to be honest. Cause it’s going to take a certain person. Even Sarah, my sister, she’s like, there’s someone special out there for you.

Christina: One hundred percent.

Cat: I’m like, oh yeah, we know that. So I definitely think that’s number one, honestly. I want to share my life with someone, the right person. 

Professionally, I don’t know. As long as I’m supporting my community, it will all work out. I hesitate to, and I know this is crazy cause I’m so big on manifesting, but I’m already manifesting something great. I believe we’ll just be everywhere and I don’t want to think about what it’s actually going to be, because I think it’s so much bigger than I think it’s going to be.

So I’m just being open to what it’s going to be, we’ll be everywhere. There’s 4 million nurses out there, they will all know about us. So yeah. 

Christina: I don’t know if you’ve heard this before. My husband told me this story. He was listening to a Joel Osteen podcast. And this is coming back to what you said about not limiting what is possible.

He was listening to a podcast and it’s funny enough that this conversation had to do with a golfer, but there was a professional golfer playing with a Saudi Arabian King. Have you heard this story? 

Cat: No. 

Christina: It’s the craziest story. So he’s playing with this Saudi Arabian King and the King goes, Oh my God, this is the best of my life. What can I give you? And the golfer was like, nothing, this was great. Thank you. He’s like, no, no, no, no, I want to give you something. He’s like, okay, how’s a golf club? And the Saudi Arabian King’s like, okay yep, no problem. So the golfer flies home, waits a couple of weeks and he’s like, gosh, I never got that golf club. That’s so weird. 

A couple of weeks later, a letter comes in the mail. The Saudi Arabian King gave him a golf club, not a golf club. Nope, not a golf club, but an actual country club.

Cat: Like an actual country club? Okay. 

Christina: An actual country club. And the point of this story was we sometimes ask God for a club, a golf club, instead of asking God for a country club. And now he’s been so intentional about asking for country clubs instead, because we never know what the blessing is in this world. So you would never want to limit yourself for what is possible because God always goes, you know what you thought versus what I think is, is totally different.

And I know that there are so many country clubs coming your way. I just think that you’re truly an amazing human being. I’m super grateful to call you a friend. And I’m so glad that I’ve been able to see a tiny snippet of all that’s gone on in the last couple of years. 

So I always ask, of course, I’m so proud of you. I always ask my guests one final quick question, which is what is one decision you were afraid to make that once you finally did, it ended up better than you imagined, or if it didn’t go the way that you wanted to, what lesson did you learn? 

Cat: Hmm for me I think it’s nothing really related to business. It’s always with my personal life and ending my last relationship was so hard for me because it was good, but not great. And I just knew it wasn’t gonna align with where I was going. And so that was so hard because it was comfortable and yeah, it’s like, I didn’t want to be alone, you know?

And so that was truly one of the hardest decisions probably I’ve made really recently, nothing with my business is hard. It’s alive to me. And it’s a no-brainer but always was my personal life more or like telling people like it’s not going to work out.

Christina: Well, I think that that’s really huge. And I know that so many people got so much from today and I know I did too. I love the alive business though. One plus one equals three. How that’s just so, so amazing. We’ll be sure to put, what is the Poo Pourri lady’s name? 

Cat: Yeah, Suzy Batiz, just go look for her. She’s very wild, but you’ll see. It will not take you long to realize why I like her.

Christina: Oh my God. No, I’ve mentioned she’s crazy as fuck. And I love it so much anyway, I so appreciate you. I adore you and I cannot wait to see what country clubs are in store for you. 

Cat: Me either. 

Christina: Bye girl. 

Cat: Bye.