Creating A First Class Life

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all want to experience that “first class” feeling in our lives. But the key to creating a first class lifestyle is to first evaluate how we’re showing up and the vibration we’re bringing to situations.

On this episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Christina explains the relationship between your energy and how it directly impacts your desired reality. Whether it’s first class seats or just having more time for your loved ones, the power is in your vibration.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn™ episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of leveling up your vibration
  • How to create your “first class” experience in life
  • Your money mindset 
  • The energy you bring into situations shapes your reality

Leveling Up Your Vibration 


Christina recounts her first,first class experience and how the experience opened her horizons to all that was possible for herself.


There is a vibration and a law of attraction energy that is present in the front of the plane. 


First class is a metaphor that can be used to describe many other areas of our lives where we could be reaching for greatness, but something within us is keeping us from leveling up.


If you’re wanting abundance in your life, whatever that means for you, you have to change your vibration. 

Attracting Abundance


The feeling you receive in first class is a feeling you will want to attract in every aspect of your life.


When you show up in a high vibe, you attract the ability to continuously develop your best and most abundant life.


When you have the will to always figure it out, your brain will always find ways to make things happen for you. 

Creating A First Class Life 


When you train your mindset that when you’re in your highest vibration, that’s when you attract the things you want in life, and life will never be the same.


Everyone’s desires are different, meaning your “first class” experience could be an epic trip, or more time with your family; It’s the energy that you’re bringing into the world that will reflect directly in your reality. 


Attracting opportunities that bring you that “first class” feeling is where you will find true abundance.


Every single thing you’re stressed about in life has a solution if you’re willing to seek it out.

Show Notes for Creating A First Class Life:

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