Common Conversations with Coaching Clients

Have you ever wondered what actually happens in a 1:1 coaching session? In today’s episode, Christina is breaking down just that; common conversations she has with coaching clients and how coaching sessions help you to elevate your life and business.

    Confidence Coaching


    Christina breaks down her different confidence coaching offers and what they each have to offer to clients.


    Being a confidence and success coach often entails holding a lot of space for clients to share what is going on in their interpersonal lives.


    Coaching is not only for those in business, coaching can also be for your personal life.

    Common Conversations with Coaching Clients 


    A common question Christina gets is how long it took her until she was able to monetize her business. 


    Many people don’t know the details and work that goes on behind the scenes of building a business. 


    Overnight success, while is possible, is very rare. 


    A coach’s job is not to do the work for you, but to help you get clarity around your purpose. 


    As you scale a business, it’s pivotal to have conversations with your coach about how you can powerfully manage and lead your team. 


    Knowing your numbers in business gives you your power. 


    Overall, conversations with a coach will help you gain clarity, grow as a person and elevate to the next level of your life and business. 

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