Conversations on Vacation

In this episode, Christina is accompanied by a fan-favorite guest, her husband Nathan Salter. Seated during their vacation, they engage in a conversation about the meaningful discussions that unfold between partners while on a getaway. The focus is on revisiting topics that often go unexplored in the hustle of daily life.

    Out of Office 


    You can now watch all Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast episodes on Youtube. 


    A guest favorite, Nathan Salter, Christina’s husband, is back on the podcast. 


    Traveling with your partner often accentuates the contrasting perspectives you both have when it comes to being out of office from the usual work environment.

    Conversations on Vacation 


    Christina and her husband unpack conversations they’ve been having while away on vacation. 


    Some of the best conversations happen on vacation when there are less distractions and more one-on-one time with your partner.

    Revisiting Goals


    You can start individual and couple’s goals whenever you want, it doesn’t always have to be at the beginning of the year. 


    Check-in with your partner on how they can support your goals and also debrief your action steps with them to see if they have additional insights. 


    Having an external perspective in a spouse, coach or friend is essential to your success and achieving your goals. 

    Who You Surround Yourself With


    It’s who you surround yourself with that reflects in the version of you that you become. 


    Immerse yourself in the same environments and spaces as those whom you admire or strive to emulate.


    Putting yourself in proximity with those who are doing the thing you’d like to do with your own life. 

    Work-Life Balance


    When you create a life and work that you love, they both go hand and hand with each other. 


    Construct a life that grants you the flexibility to take breaks as necessary, while also eliminating the impulse to escape from your professional commitments.

    Show Notes for Conversations on Vacation:

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