Coaching With Integrity

Creating a coaching business that helps others transform their lives has been a career Christina wakes up every single day passionate about. In today’s episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast, Christina shares how coaching with integrity is everything, and announces her revolutionary program designed to make coaching more accessible to everyone.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn® episode, you will learn:

  • The number one core value I live by
  • Coaching with integrity and intention 
  • Making coaching accessible
  • Details on my new 1:1 coaching subscription

The Year of Calm


As we head into 2023 Christina shares the word she has chosen to guide her into the year is the word “calm”.


The year of “calm” was inspired by the fact that this past year the coaching industry has felt everything but calm for Christina. 

Coaching With Integrity 


The number one core value in coaching is coaching others with integrity.


Everyone deserves success and a life of abundance, but it’s important to get there by doing it with Integrity.


Coaching is such a powerful tool, but there have been things within the industry that have ruined its credibility.

Accessible To Everyone


Coaching services should be accessible to everyone without having to pay astronomical prices.


When your focus as a coach is to help others the success will come in its own time. When you focus on the money first it’s time to reassess why you’re a coach. 


Because Christina believes coaching should be accessible to everyone, she has launched a new 1:1 subscription coaching program.


1:1 Coaching Subscription


Christina’s latest 1:1 coaching subscription program provides clients with up to six 1:1 coaching calls throughout the year, at a price point designed to make these services more affordable.


This coaching subscription is for anyone who is desiring to have powerful accountability, strategy and support in finally creating their dream life. 


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