Changing Lives with Jeff Ragan

Episode Overview:

Have you been trying to figure out how you can have a larger impact and help change lives? In this episode, Jeff Ragan shares how his purpose and passion to help others transpired into a life-changing company.

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of KiZE Concepts, a natural food product company with a mission to change lives for the better through food, service, and charity.

When Jeff started KiZE, he was struggling with the age-old question of “what do I want to do with my life” and he came to realization that he wanted to do something with passion and purpose to help others. He did a lot of reflection, prayer, and self-discovery to come to the realization that he kept coming back to the same three things:

  • He knew he wanted to help people
  • He loved health and fitness
  • He enjoyed entrepreneurship

Jeff put those things together and two years later, after many trials and tribulations, KiZE was born.

KiZE changes lives. With each KiZE Bar purchased, a portion of the proceeds help feed, support, and transform lives throughout the world. KiZE partners with a charity that helps feed and house 1,000 children in Haiti and their headquarter location helps serve the poor, hungry, and youth of Oklahoma City.

Not only does KiZE help feed the hungry and solve physical hunger, they also help feed the mind, heart and soul by making every employee or person that walks through their doors feel loved, valued and like they belong. The KiZE community is full of people that have been given a second-chance. With the right resources and relationships they can live their best life possible and can help others do the same. KiZE whole-heartedly believes in the saying “Everybody Love Everybody” and they’ve even implemented the letters “ELE” on the barcodes of their products to serve as a reminder.

Join us to learn more about Jeff’s journey and how you can find growth through helping others. Listen in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jeff created and started his company KiZE Concepts
  • Jeff’s company and his team’s mission to end hunger around the world
  • How to start before your ready
  • Getting aligned with something that feels purposeful in your life
  • Creating something you’re passionate about to create an impact
  • How to get involved in KiZE’s mission

Show notes:

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