Celebrating 150 Episodes: What I’ve Learned and Unexpected Surprises

The Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast was created to provide value and inspiration for listeners to finally go after their dream life. In this episode, Christina celebrates 150 episodes of the podcast and reflects back on lessons she’s learned and the unexpected surprises along the way.

    Celebrating 150 Episodes 


    Christina celebrates the drop of episode 150 and reflects back on where the Decide It’s Your Turn® podcast started and where it is now. 


    A lot has changed for Christina since the launch of her podcast: she’s changed her business model, found her niche as a coach, and brought on new team members. 


    When you walk in alignment with your purpose, that’s when the abundance in your life begins to show up. 

    Continue To Show Up


    Sometimes ideas and your vision for things don’t turn out exactly as you hoped, but it’s important to continue to show up. 


    Be aware of your current bandwidth and how you’re able to show up in your business and still have space for yourself. 


    One touch of God’s favor can change everything. 

    Unexpected Surprises


    One of the most surprising results from the last 150 episodes of the podcast is the episode with Clinton Anderson. Not only has it received hundreds of downloads, but Christina has also found new clients because of it.


    You never know what unexpected surprises will come from taking a chance and setting out of your comfort zone. 

    Getting Clear


    Gaining clarity is the antidote for imposter syndrome. 


    Reflecting on the past 150 episodes, it’s evident that the most successful episodes have been about overcoming imposter syndrome and clarifying what you want. 

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