Client Files #4:
Building The Habit of Commitment

In this episode of the Client Series, Christina is joined by previous client and fellow podcast host, Kristen Jauregui.

Whether you’re considering joining a live event, wanting to transform your daily routine or even build healthier relationships, this episode walks you through how you can begin to build the habit of commitment in all areas of your life.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The power of live events
  • Building the habit of commitment
  • Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner

The Power of In-Person


Live events are so powerful when it comes to connecting and being immersed in a room of like-minded people.


The hardest part of attending an in-person event is actually showing up. Many of us feel the nerves when it comes to going to a live event with strangers, but meeting new people is an experience you’ll never forget.


You have to get comfortable with becoming uncomfortable.

Building The Habit of Commitment


It’s rare that we always feel motivated to get up and get after our goals. It takes continual self-confidence to continue to build the habit of commitment and show up for yourself.


Success can be found in consistency.


In order to remain focused on your zone of genius in your business, you must delegate and trust others to support you with their own skill-set.

A Relationship That Thrives


In order for your relationship to thrive it’s important that each of you continues to encourage the other and support each other’s goals.


Even though you may be in a committed relationship, it’s important to have your own interests and to have a mutual respect for each other.

About Kristen Jauregui:

As a dispatcher for over 2 decades, Kristen Jauregui has seen and heard a lot, which brought on unexpected compassion fatigue & burnout. She didn’t want to leave the force, but she knew something had to change, so she turned to physical fitness and personal development mindset work. Seeing the positive impact these tools were making on herself, she knew she needed to share them with her fellow law enforcement professionals.

She received certifications through numerous post trainings. She is also a master resiliency instructor through the FBINAA and now alongside dispatching, works to implement mental and emotional support programs within the law enforcement community.

Outside of work, Kristen’s servitude and philanthropic work knows no end. From using her personal social media platforms to give a voice to dispatchers, to a podcast (The 911Strong Podcast) to shine a positive light law enforcement personnel, to supporting families of murdered officers, her heart’s joy is always looking for ways to bring love and support to her fellow officers. She recently published her first one of a kind journal for all first responders called, “A Resiliency Journal For First Responders.”

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