Building Confidence to Find Love

Want to take your relationships from transactional to transformational

In this episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn™ Podcast, Relationship coach Melissa Roberts walks us through what “gumball love” is, and how you can start building confidence to find love.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • The phrase that inspired Melissa to create an entire brand
  • What a “gumball relationship” is
  • How to start building confidence to find love
  • The most difficult realization when it comes to love

Gumball Love


When Melissa heard the phrase, “Everytime he puts in a quarter, you’re giving him a gumball.”, it resonated with her so deeply that it in turn sparked her inspiration to start a business to help people in their own relationships.


After hearing the phrase, Melissa coined that a “gumball relationship” is what we know as a transactional relationship versus a transformational relationship.


In many cases of a toxic relationship, things start off great and really intense. But shortly after, red flags begin to rise.


In order to break the cycle of finding yourself in a “gumball relationship”, you must first realize that there is a pattern happening. Also recognizing that this type of dynamic can be present in any kind of relationship and not just romantic. 

Building Confidence 


In order to begin building confidence to find love, you must first recognize your own worth. 


Insecurity shows no matter how hard you try to hide it.


A huge part of building confidence in relationships is each having your own hobbies and interests that you like to do. 

The “Fairytale” Relationship


Relationships may be filled with fairytale moments, but they are by far hard work. One of the hardest lessons Melissa teaches her clients is that relationships don’t just “happen”, they are made. 


It’s typical to think love should be intense and passionate, but what should hold your love together is much deeper than those feelings. 


Invest your time to truly get to know someone. As you get deeper with someone, your relationship will in turn get deeper as well.

About Melissa Roberts:

Melissa Roberts is a relationship coach helping ambitious, driven and professional women identify red flags, discover their worth, increase their confidence and take the right actions to find true love.

Melissa is the Founder of Gumball Love, the creator of the Level Up for Love and the Back to You Academy. She is also the host of the Gumball Love Podcast.

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