Building Confidence in Children

How do we begin building confidence in children? What better way to find out than asking children themselves! In today’s episode of The Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast Christina is joined by her longtime friend’s spunky daughter, Brianne Dubeau.

In their time together they explore what it means to be a confident kid, and how others can start to build confidence in their adolescent years.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Confidence is Contagious 
  • What is Confidence 
  • Why imagination is so important in confidence building

Confidence is Contagious 


COO and the right hand gal to her mother’s clothing boutique, Brianne Dubeau joins Christina to talk about building confidence in children. 


When it comes to confidence, it’s all about empowering each other. When you keep good energy in and around you, confidence is contagious.

What Is Confidence


Confidence as described by Brianne is POWER. 


When you feel confident, it’s way easier to in turn help others feel more confident in themselves.


Some children may have difficulty expressing themselves or ruminate on “what if”, and it keeps them from building confidence.

Encourage Imagination


A part of building confidence in children is asking them questions that encourage their imagination. 


When you notice what brings your child joy, those are the areas of their lives where they can feel free to express themselves without judgment. 

In The Face of Fear


There’s always going to be parts of us that feel scared, but in the face of fear it’s important to listen to the small courageous voice within. 


We all have a small voice inside of us that is telling us to keep going when we are nervous. Listen to that voice. 


Instilling confidence and kindness into our children helps them not only navigate their personal journeys but their relationships as well. 


Children are able to recognize that adults go through hard times, and they pay attention to how adults handle hardships as well. 


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