Strategic Moves: Betting on Yourself Beyond Short-Term Gains

In this episode, Christina discusses the transformative impact of “betting on yourself,” inspired by Ryan Serhant’s insights. Emphasizing the need to overcome short-term thinking for lasting growth, Christina encourages strategic decisions with a future-oriented mindset.

    A Spark of Inspiration 


    A single nugget of advice has the power to kindle inspiration, igniting the flames of motivation within. 


    Christina noticed that a short-term mindset frequently impedes the progress of many clients. Her inspiration to address this topic was sparked by a podcast episode with Ryan Serhant, who discussed the concept of “betting on yourself first”.


    Christina’s dedication as a speaker and coach lies in assisting others to focus on their dream life and empowering them to embrace the realization that it’s now their turn to live it to the fullest.

    Betting On Yourself 


    The idea of “betting on yourself” involves placing strategic “bets” on yourself with a future-oriented perspective, especially when making decisions that might appear risky to others in the present moment. 


    When you want to accomplish something bad enough, you will be surprised how resourceful you become to make it actually happen. 


    Neglecting consideration for your future self and concentrating solely on the present can impede your personal growth.


    When you bet on yourself you also build confidence in your choices over time. 


    The idea of betting on yourself doesn’t necessarily imply pushing your nervous system to an elevated state; rather, it encourages pushing your limits when it feels appropriate.

    Beyond Short-Term Gains


    Short-term gains can make sense, but oftentimes it’s more powerful in the long run to have a forward-thinking mindset. 


    Your future self will thank you that you didn’t stay stuck in short-term thinking. 


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