Benefits of Knowing Your Enneagram with Tracy O’Malley

Can success be found by knowing your Enneagram? Knowing your enneagram can give you a better understanding of who you are, how you work best in the world, and what kind of career is best for you. In this episode, Tracy O’Malley, an Enneagram Expert, shares her knowledge about the benefits of knowing your enneagram and how you can apply what you learn about yourself and others to excel in your life and career.

Some of you might be asking – what is an enneagram, anyways? The Enneagram is an ancient personality system that’s been used for centuries to help people understand themselves and those around them. The modern interpretation of this ancient idea is a powerful tool that has been gaining traction in the work world as a means to find success in your career. The Enneagram helps you identify your instinctual behaviors as well as the reasons why you might behave in a certain way. This knowledge can be utilized to create more harmony at work and with those around you.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Tracy’s personal story to discovering the Enneagram
  • How Enneagram types work best together in a partnership
  • What are ‘wing’ types + growth numbers
  • How to effectively channel your Enneagram type
  • How to best understand your type

    Show notes for Benefits of Knowing Your Enneagram:

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    Tracy O’Malley’s Bio:

    Tracy is a lifelong leadership junkie that has always been obsessed with Transformation. A decade ago, although having the ability to be successful, Rock Bottom came calling with deaths, divorce, recession, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. It was then, Tracy brought her life to ground zero and began filling the tool box with more effective tools.

    She walked away from a successful career that sucked the life out of her and into a new one in Leadership & Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Sales and Network Marketing and went from $0 to $1 Mil income in two years. She built a very diverse and dynamic organization of over 100K people strong, and continues to lead/coach organizations, companies, and individuals in leadership and communication using the framework of the Enneagram. She is a firm believer that when people feel seen, heard and understood – ANYTHING is possible.

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