Ask Me Anything with Christina

In this “ask me anything” edition of the podcast, Christina answers questions from listeners. In the episode, she highlights the power of serving others and self-healing in shaping a positive mindset, while stressing the importance of action and transparency in the early stages of online business. She also underscores that personal and business growth are intertwined, advocating for decisive action and commitment as the keys to success.

    The Power of Serving Others


    Christina opens up her platform to her listeners to ask her anything. 


    Serving others can significantly shift one’s mood and mindset, emphasizing the difficulty of staying upset when actively being kind to someone else.

    Mindset and Physical Health


    Energy can get trapped in our bodies, potentially causing illness, and stresses the importance of self-healing to maintain positivity and enjoy life.


    Challenges are faced in the early stages of business, especially in the online space.


    Christina unpacks the importance of transparency in the online business space, and the need for a healthy mindset around money.

    Taking Action in Business


    Taking action is the key to discovering what’s effective in business


    Your growth in your personal life and business life are both intertwined. 


    Start taking action towards your goals, the secret to success is just deciding to make it work and sticking to it.

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