Always Be Willing To Get The No

In any dream or endeavor, it’s important to always be willing to get the no. No isn’t as simple as it seems, sometimes the answer of no simply means not right now. 

In this episode of the Decide It’s Your Turn®, Christina celebrates and reflects on the past two years of hosting the podcast. From hearing no from her dream guests, interviewing special people in her life, and many decisions that made her nervous along the way.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn® episode, you will learn:

  • Celebrating two years of the Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast 
  • Why you should always be willing to get the no
  • The podcast episode Christina was most nervous about

Always Be Willing To Get The No 


Decide It’s Your Turn® The Podcast is celebrating two years since we released the very first episode. 


Through hosting the podcast, Christina has reached out to countless people to attempt to interview them. While there have been many that quickly say yes, there have also been a handful of individuals who decline. 


Always be willing to get the ‘no’ response. When someone tells you ‘no’ it doesn’t mean never, it just means not right now. 


Be willing to ask questions and put yourself out there even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.


Decision. Faith. Action


The three pillars Christina has built her business on are Decision, Faith and Action. 


Making a decision for your life, having the faith that it will work out for you, and taking massive action is going to get you on the path to success. 

Get Out Of The Comfort Zone


A podcast episode that Christina was most nervous about this past year was an episode on her most suggested bible verses for confidence


This particular podcast challenged Christina to get out of her comfort zone and connect with her listeners in a new way. 


The one area Christina is most uncomfortable talking about with her clients is relationships. It’s the one topic that she doesn’t feel comfortable speaking to.


Showcasing Incredible People 


One of the many perks of hosting the Decide It’s Your Turn® Podcast is the ability to showcase incredible people and their stories. 


The “Client Files” was a series where Christina introduced her clients so that listeners could hear directly from those who experience coaching first hand. 

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