Adventure to Peru: CEO Insights While Out of the Office

In this episode, Christina is joined by her husband Nathan Salter. Together they delve into their exciting adventure to Peru for Nathan’s 50th birthday, offering insights into managing their businesses remotely and navigating partnership dynamics.


    When receiving advice from others, apply what resonates with you and disregard the rest.


    Christina shares that being unfiltered has gotten her in trouble, but she stands behind being authentically herself. 


    As members of the YPO group, Christina and Nathan have had the opportunity to network with numerous successful entrepreneurs globally. Many of them suggested they visit Peru for Nathan’s 50th birthday.


    As you get ready for a vacation as a CEO or entrepreneur, it’s crucial to set clear expectations and trust your team in your absence. This not only empowers them to manage their responsibilities independently but also allows you to genuinely disconnect and recharge.


    If you find you have to check in with work to be able to stay present, set parameters or times where you do this while out of office. 


    As Christina often advises her clients, “Be where your feet are,” serving as a mantra for staying present.


    “How do you get your partner on board?” is a frequently asked question that Nathan and Christina receive from other couples, and their answer is always the same: you can’t force someone to change. 


    Through their adventures in Peru, they still experienced challenging times during their hikes. In these moments, it was important to keep your mind focused and in a positive state. 


    Take advice from mentors and people you look up to, for these are the people who you can use as evidence that what you desire is possible. 

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