Achieve Your Dreams As a Woman In Business

It may sometimes feel out of reach to achieve your dreams as a woman in business. Many of us tend to sacrifice to the point where all of our desires are put on the back burner. On today’s episode of the podcast, Christina sits down with entrepreneur Rachelle Dubeau to talk about the journey to her now successful business, and why women’s voices are so important.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • How Rachelle went from motherhood to successful entrepreneur
  • The moment that sparked Rachelle’s journey
  • Why it’s vital to keep going in the hardtimes 
  • How to finally achieve your dreams

Sparking The Dream


Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, it’s no surprise Rachelle followed in those same footsteps to build her own business.


After becoming a mother herself, Rachelle was extremely eager to attend events. One of the events she attended was hosted by Tony Robbins, and this was a catalyst for her to finally open up her own business as a clothing boutique owner.

The Next Steps


The essential key for starting your own business, is simply, to just start!


With the momentum and inspiration from the event Rachelle attended, she took that fire and began the steps of achieving her dreams as a woman in business. From registering her business, to getting proper licenses and signing up for tradeshows to start looking into brands for her boutique.


Going out on your own and figuring out things on your own builds your confidence and resilience, not only in business but in life. All you need to do is take one step at a time.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur


Every individual in business experiences setbacks, but when you make not giving up an option you have no choice but to succeed.


When Rachelle was going through a rough start to her business, she began to reflect on her why to re-center and ground herself in her mission to empower women through clothes.


After months of branding and marketing online, it was finally time to open up the first brick and mortar shop; making all of the hustle and hardtimes completely worth it.

Connecting to Women


Rachelle’s ultimate dream is to empower and amplify women’s voices. Through her clothing boutique and now her podcast she is sharing not only her story but the stories of other’s.


Being sacrificial, women often put so many of their dreams to the side. But it’s time to start going after your vision to finally achieve your dreams.

About Rachelle Dubeau:

Rachelle is the owner of Dani + Madi, a thriving online women’s boutique with a retail location in Spruce Grove. Her passion has always been to encourage gender equality and to encourage women to live out their dreams. Having served on the board of YWCA Edmonton for three years, it inspired her to officially start Dani + Madi online shortly after. 

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