A New Year Doesn’t Have to Mean New Goals

It’s a new year, so you know what that means – new year’s resolutions are upon us. Whether you’ve already set new goals or are feeling a little stuck, hear this, a new year doesn’t have to mean BIG new goals! If you’re happy with the goals you set last year and you still need to improve upon them, you can keep the same goals as last year. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Christina will talk about why sometimes, doing the same effective routine that you have been accustomed to is okay for continued success. Stay tuned to learn more!

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Focusing on your goals, even if they are the same
  • Sticking with your zone of genius
  • Christina’s FREE Goal Setting Masterclass
  • Choosing a word to focus on for the new year

Staying True to Your Values


Christina’s most important goal for 2022 is to remain faithful to her core beliefs as a human being while also being true to her core principles as a businessperson. Everyone is thrilled about making new year’s resolutions and attempting new activities, as though a new year has begun, and her goal is to remain thoroughly unaffected.


The big secret to having a successful, happy, joyous, abundant, purposeful, and profitable life is to do the simple things excellently and consistently. Build an incredibly significant, fantastic foundation to grow your life and business if that is your decision.


This industry has no conventions or limitations, both cool and dangerous. There are no limitations or constraints. For example, therapists must follow the rules and meet requirements. It’s astonishing how easy it is to become a coach. However, it is also distressing in other ways. Assuming that this person is who they claim to be, while they may not be.

Choose to Listen to Yourself


There are people all over the internet who will tell you that you’re doing it wrong, that you need to set all these lofty objectives and do these sixteen things to be successful. That isn’t the case at all, and it is not the case, as Christina illustrates.

Embrace Mastery


When you master one or two skills, they become second nature to the point that you can handle something new and unfamiliar the next time. This habit-forming pattern will not take root in you until you are genuinely confident and secure in your behaviors, and it will simply not work to your advantage.


Getting good at one thing and then broadening it out is usually the best plan of action; performing several things exceptionally well is quite challenging. Never stray too far from your significant spokes so that your attention isn’t split between two unrelated tasks. You need to stay focused and good at one thing.


Many people believe that they must always be doing things differently and that they must always have a new objective and level, whether it’s a new income level, a new following, or a new weight. If you’re not unhappy with your existing circumstance, don’t feel compelled to change it, and don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you that you’re hesitant to change.

On the Horizon for 2022


You may still be aware of what you know and continue to make the same decisions you have for the past two or three years to reach actual thriving and happiness. When you’ve gotten to a stage where you’re happy with your life and excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, what more is there? Why would you want to change anything in 2022?

Show notes for A New Year Doesn’t Have to Mean New Goals:

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