The Top 3 Steps To Grow Your Instagram

In this episode, Christina sits down with Brock Johnson, a coach specializing in Instagram growth for individuals and entrepreneurs. Uncover Brock’s top 3 tips to growing your instagram, how to engage with your audience and the importance of a meaningful social media presence.

    The Impact of Social Media


    Meet Brock Johnson, Instagram growth coach helping entrepreneurs grow their audiences and make money doing it. 


    Being aware of the impact of social media on our mental health is crucial. It’s essential to understand that your self-worth is not defined by social media outcomes.


    If you’re deriving your self-esteem from external elements like “likes” or followers, maintaining a sense of detachment will aid in sustaining consistent well-being.


    Having expanded his TikTok following during the pandemic with playful dance videos, he recognized that the audience he attracted didn’t quite match his actual goals. So, he decided to delete his TikTok account and start anew, aligning more closely with his intended direction.


    Sometimes, beginning anew is necessary to reach your desired destination.


    When you build a clear audience, you build a community that will invest in what you’re offering. 

    3 Steps To Grow Your Instagram


    1. Identify your niche – something you choose to focus on and become an expert in your niche. This helps you zone in on who you’re talking to and your ideal follower. 
    2. Optimize your bio – this tells your audience your why and how you can help them. Consider this your business billboard 
    3. Posting consistency – two key areas to focus on are the quality of posts and how many you’re posting to your channels 


    When growing your audience on Instagram you must know exactly who you’re talking to and that your content is resonating with their needs. 


    One question to reflect on is, “Is there something I can do today to increase the quality or consistency of my posting?” 


    It’s better to have a lower follower count, but an engaged audience, than it is to have tons of followers and no one engaging with your content. 

      About Brock Johnson:

      Meet Brock Johnson, the Co-host of the Build Your Tribe Podcast, an instructor for various online courses, and an accomplished online entrepreneur, he has guided thousands of entrepreneurs in leveraging quick video clips to enhance their business connections and growth. His expertise in storytelling and social media marketing has led him to speak on numerous stages nationwide. With a background in leadership and a passion for helping others, he has successfully expanded his business while balancing a vibrant social life. He holds a degree in Communication from UC Davis and has experience as a Division 1 college football player. His mission centers on assisting brands in expanding their following and marketing effectively through Stories.


      • Follow along Brock’s journey and learn more tips and tricks on Instagram.

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