Lessons Learned from1 Year of Podcasting

One of the advantages of making podcast content is gathering information from people of different walks of life. These are firsthand experiences from which they have received a great deal of knowledge, sometimes through sacrifices or just by taking a chance on what they believe in. In this episode of Decide It’s Your Turn™, Christina talks about her favorite episodes, her lessons learned, and the experiences that made her ponder.

In this Decide It’s Your Turn episode, you will learn:

  • Christina reflects on how “Decide It’s Your Turn” all began
  • You’ll hear all about Christina’s favorite episodes this past year
  • Why this podcast was created in the first place
  • The difficult behind the scenes moments of creating episodes

The One Year Mark


Christina’s path to the one-year mark has been long and winding. Some days she thinks to herself, “I’m terrible at this,” or “Is this all for nothing?” Is anyone paying attention? Do people give a damn? There’s everything, but she doesn’t care about vanity. She only cares if it’s having an effect. Is it making a difference in someone’s life? Is it assisting someone in deciding when it is their turn to live?

Life is Short


You never know when you’ll be removed from this world, and you never know who will be taken at any given moment. Believe that you have a valuable mission on this planet and take steps to fulfill it.

Building Confidence


Building confidence is all about quickly generating enthusiasm. It served as a reminder that confidence has always existed within us, and we just needed to figure out how to spark it.

Relationship Guidance


Relationship guidance was the one where Nathan and Christina were discussing their romance. They discussed how to get a guy on board with you, taking care of your life, growing and evolving, wanting to grow, and everything else, since that’s a subject they are asked all the time.

Wonderful Connections


Sarah Faith, one of Christina’s long-term clients who has since become one of her closest friends, has the number two most downloaded podcast. Sarah was the second most downloaded podcast, and she had the most incredible one-liner in that podcast: “you can’t have your foot in two ponds at the same time, or you’ll drown.”


One of Christina’s buddies possibly has the most downloaded podcast of all time. The first reason is that he is a great celebrity, and he’s a ten-time Grammy nominee who has never done another podcast and is unlikely to do so in the future. Jamie Johnson is his name. One of the quotes he gave during the podcast, and it’s “when quitting is not an option, everything else is.”

Getting into Podcasting


Podcasts are similar to movies and novels in that they affect you differently depending on how you’re feeling on any given day. It was about doing less is genuinely doing more the day Christina tapped her podcast with Jordan Lee Doodley.


Christina started her podcast because she wants people to understand that life is short and that you can have an incredible, purposeful, abundant life. God created you for a reason, and it’s up to you to live it. We can get so caught up in the rush, the comparison, and the grind that we lose sight of the joy in it if we don’t slow down and become clear on it.

Keys to Success


Christina has been constant in many areas, and she believes this is one of the keys to her success. She has been steadily promoting herself on social media for the past several months and with clients, which has resulted in her being in high demand in the coaching profession.

Power of Podcasts


The podcast acts as a platform for sharing such stories and messages, hoping that you will decide that you will not be too far gone. That you will not be too broken, that you will be able to start whatever you want to do, that you will be enough, that you will be able to change family dynamics, change paths, change beliefs, and that you will be able to do all of those things.

Christina’s Goal


Christina has participated in over 103 complimentary discovery calls. Not every one of those people has become a client. But she hopes and prays that out of those 103 calls, she was able to provide at least 100 bits of value to the people who were taking action in their lives. They’ve decided it’s their turn, and they’re trusting that it will be there for them. And that is one of the most significant blessings she can envision in her career. That’s why she goes above and beyond what most other coaches do. She is always eager to go to any length to achieve her goals.

How the Difficult Becomes Easy


Most people overestimate their ability to accomplish in a year and underestimate their power to achieve in a decade. The beginning is quite tricky. And those that succeed are those who are willing to persevere through the difficult beginnings. It’s difficult to keep anything going in the front, whether it’s a gym program, starting a business, being consistent on social media, or re-establishing patterns in your brain that you’ve been performing for the last 40 years. Everything is more difficult at first, but everything becomes more manageable as you progress.

Keep Going


People that succeed are the ones who keep going even when they’re not inspired or when they don’t have any visitors lined up, and they mess it up. You’re going to have doubts about anything you’re doing at some point. Keep moving forward by putting one foot in front of the other. When things get tough, keep going.

Stop Wasting Time


Whatever you want to do, it’ll be a waste of time because you’ll have beliefs that aren’t serving you. Obtain assistance. You can’t do life alone when you’re trying to accomplish anything significant, especially when it begins to build on itself. You might be able to do it independently in the first year. But performing something nonsense by yourself in year four or five would be exceedingly terrible.

Find a Coach Who Knows You


Most of the time, if you keep going and find a coach who holds you accountable to listen to your true, most authentic self, you’ll win. So seek help from someone who knows you, your patterns, and the deep-seated anxieties that will continue to hold you back when you want to, such as revert back to those fears.

Final Advice


Before you can assist others, you must first help yourself. You help your family when you help yourself first. You assist your company, your children, your husband, and everyone else. First and foremost, assist yourself.


Get guidance and find something you enjoy doing. Life must be enjoyable, and you must like your life. You have to laugh and have a good time. Please don’t put it off, don’t put it off till the very last moment. Please don’t put it off. Carry out the task. Have faith in yourself, build confidence, make friends, and have fun.

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